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  1. xD it's funny when will and carlton are dancing :D
  2. I've found that documentary on YouTube, it's separated in nine parts. I've saved it's for you in a playlist. A Closer Walk Peace
  3. The episode where judge Robertson appears the first time. I LOVE THIS EPISODE xD Phil: Judge Robertson, it's so great to see you! Judge: It's so easy to see you Philip! It's looks like you step on justice quite some time! Will: HAHAHHAHAHAHAAAHHAA! (Everybody looks at Will) Ehmm...I'm sorry... I'm laughing of something happen yesterday. I'm done. I'm done now. Judge: (Looks at Hilery) And hello Vivien! Phillip your wife looks more youthful with every year. Phil: I'm sorry Judge, but this is my oldest daughter Hilery. This is my wife Vivien. Judge: (Looks at Vivien) You have aged! (Vivien wants to step on him, but Will hold her back) xD
  4. I love FPOBA sooooooo much and in all those 6 seasons and 148 episodes, there are a lot of funny quotes and dialogs. I want you to take a review of those quotes :D I start with a dialog between Wills buddy Keath from Philly, the comdian, Will and Geofffrey. Keith: You think you're funny? Ok tell me joke! Will: Ok, ehm... Ohhh ok, G can I talk to you for a second? Geoffrey: I'm off duty. You can talk but I don't have to listen! Will: Ok, is this funny or not? Two Gorillas go into a bar, right, and.... Geoffrey: NOT! xD Now it's your turn! Peace
  5. I never was interested into Formular 1 racing... :D
  6. You're damn right Hero1. It's all about the money! It#s not like that they don't want to make a third one. It's the fact everyone and everything have to be paid, the 220Million Dollars to let them say "Ok we do it!" And the other 200Million Dollars to let Mr. Bay blow half of the Bad Boys 3 set in the air. xD We can just wait and still hope.
  7. Yes I agree with both of you, but to make a Trilogy a good trilogy you have to top the previous movie and I think it would be hard to top Bad Boys II. Otherwise it will be a flop, but I doubt that when an actor like WIll Smith is involved :D
  8. Maybe you are right... we have to let time pass and we will see what happen :D
  9. It's f***ing annoying that the 2 last seasons are not being released -.- I don't know why WB is punishing us so badly :(
  10. hahaha :D this is really cool :D Since I saw that now, I have to myself that game xD
  11. But i'm still hoping that this rumour become reality .. :D I mean Bay and Smith are considering to work on this project... but smith was working on seven pounds and Bay on transformers .. I think we can't do nothing but wait...
  12. I saw a video on youtube once and I don't find a topic like that, so I take the liberty and add new one :D I hope that Michael Bay will make trilogy out of this :D Here is the video of the interview:
  13. I really liked more the first Aunt Viv! She really got that black fire and energy... the second aunt viv way too soft... i didn't liked her much... !
  14. I think this movie will be great.... :D it will be a big difference for jaden then in pursuit of happieness :D
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