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  1. Yeah she looks... like her husband ! They really fit each other! (I don't know if we can use the word "fit" for peeople?)
  2. I like almost all the WS songs (I don't want to say 100%, because maybe I'm forgetting one !), so there is a lot of songs I like nobody talk about (except here, of course !)! For example : Y'all Know Chasing Forever Candy Yes Yes Y'all Willow Is A Player How The Beat Goes On Maybe I Gotta Go Home Could You Love Me Scary Story I'm Coming Afro Angel ......
  3. That's what I think : good actress, and very funny in FPOBA.
  4. One more win and Lakers are the champions ! GO LAKERS! PS : Pietrus is crazy... but it must be hard to see real NBA players in the other team
  5. Thanks, I've downloaded it! But I didn't watched it yet !
  6. This is just for Mac, isn't it ? I can't find it for PC
  7. I don't really like that neither. I prefer too what Wenger does. Buy a good player for a great price, ok, but it's far too much. And Perez proved in the past that bigs names or not equal to winning. The first part of his precedent presidence was ok, but then...
  8. Wow thanks ! Do you know where I can download it ? Or how can download it on the link you posted ?
  9. Almost, but not official :D in football, anything can happen ! more than $220 millions, its too much... plus, that is a money they don't have !!
  10. Thats make me sick. The price of Ronaldo is very too high. He is, for me, the best player in the world. But football is going too far : $130 millions is a lot too much for a football player PS : Ronaldo din't join Madrid, M.U. accepted the offer, but Ronaldo didn't sign anything
  11. I founded two clips of this Nokia thing, but it's just 20 secondes of Will on scene, while he's not singing. Really not interesting. If someone got the full concert !
  12. Never heard about it, very interesting about seeing it !
  13. Go See The Doctor 2k7 - DJ Jazzy Jeff ft Twone Gabz Actually, I love the end with Jazzy calling WIll!
  14. And now, I bought the first season for... 5€ ($7) on eBay !! And it is not an already use, it is always on blisterpack ! It was a really good occasion, because I found it, and then, I can't find it for less than $22 !
  15. In mp3 ? Here it is : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GSH27FOM PS : thanks Ale! This is not the feeling I have (that I keep the forum alive), but I try to put the 2 or 3 things I have! PPS : I don't know why, I wrote "Remix"... this is not a remix but a mix! changed the first message, but I can't change the title.
  16. Hello ! I thought it has already been posted from long time, but I didn't find it on the forum ! So here is The Megadope Mix, nearly 10 minutes of JJFP ! The Megadope Mix MP3 file : The Megadope Mix.mp3 PS : Why the hell I wrote "Remix" ? This is not remix, but mix !
  17. I don't like the kind of movies he make. "Too much" And for me, he is not an "actor". But this is not the right topic ;)
  18. His personal page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Jazzy-Jeff/7727255451
  19. I'm happy WIll Smith was finally choose ! First, I don't like B. Willis, and second, I think WIll is the perfect guy for the role (FP, then FPOBA, and finally, he becomes the biggest star in the world)
  20. These guys sucks. Jazzy Jeff is a legend in DJing, they can't do that to a guy like this.
  21. Will's role was originally written for Bruce Willis. He was the actor that the director, Kevin Smith, wanted. But Bruce never called him back. I didn't dislike 'Jersey Girl', although I don't consider Ben Affleck a good actor. Bruce Willis, it was for Will Smith ?! Ok, I thought it was for Ben Affleck, because I read "The princicpal role was initially for Bruce Willis", so I thought it was B. Affleck !
  22. I just watched Jersey Girl, Will Smith play 5 minutes in this movie, but I wanted to watch it (and I was bored, so I watched it). It is not a bad movie ! It's quite funny to see Will's story all along the movie : first he lost his job because of what he said about FP, then the girl want to rent MIB, and finally, he decide to go to his daughter's show after talking with Will !
  23. I didn't find it on his Facebook :s Yes, Ellesse seems to be a brand that they like, there are others pics with Ellesse !
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