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  1. I have to agree... I find that the greatness of JJFP is really... well "He's the DJ, 'Im the rapper" - in that order. Any track JJ produced is simply like 75% better than anything Will does with anyone else. I remember that when we were looking forward to Lost & Found we said, "I hope and believe there will be a lot of Jazzy". Didnt happen. "I hope the next album will be pure JJFP". Didnt happen. And I seriously believe as well that after this album, it's pretty likely it will go another ten years before Will release any new music. This is why I even put a question mark over that "World Tour" - it could very well be that he travels around in a few capitals, dragging Jeff along, promoting Bad Boys III rather than actually touring... The only acceptable scenario for a new Will album would be that at least half of the tracks was produced by Jeff. Not that Lost & Found in any manner was useless, but I've played that album maybe not even a tenth of the times I've played the JJFP ones. In all of this, I say okey, they might have some scheduling conflicts or whatever, but Jeff the last couple of years has said that he is ready to do it, ready to hit it with Will anytime, and the fcker just goes "nopes - I wanna work with the younger buddies. The up and comings. The fast & famous of today". And what really just hits me is the repeated feeling of "what. is. your. problem. Will?" Okey if he was some old school artist in dire need of success and financial issues or whatever - then maybe it would have been understandable to go with someone that kids of today recognize and stalk around the Internet. But now, when he surely must know that he wont sell ten million albums and doesnt even need to, why not just go for quality? Why not just create something very good that people will remember and feel great when they hear it? Why even try to compete with the current retarded hiphop scene? But yeah I'm guessing we will see maybe one track where Jeff does some scratching. Maybe he'll put it in between some of the eight tracks that will include his musically inept children. Maybe the scratching will be done on the track which also features Vanilla Ice, 50 Cent and Snoop Lion. Or maybe Jeff will get do a couple of cuts on one of the tracks produced by "Random-producer-that-you-wont-hear-about-ever-again-once-the-album-is-out." I know, I know, I am the voice of pessimism... but I've been proven right before, havent I...
  2. The song is horrible in every possible way. Will's rap is ok I guess but doesnt really fit the song. Nice to hear something but I surely hope this is not even close to the sound we'll be hearing on the new album...
  3. How come a lot of old-school JJFP cats expresses worries of the state of hiphop today, about excessive violence, cursing and bad influence only to be totally engulfed once its about artists from their "favorite era" or whatever? How can there be such an interest in this movie and the albums that obviously will be surrounding it when the consequences of the early 90's gangster culture is clearly evident in the rise of the crack epidemic you got going over there, and the rise of the mentality that freedom and justice will be created through poor people fighting against other poor people? The LAPD obviously can go f*ck themselves for a variety of reasons but the concerns are real. As known, the "establishment" comes in few colours and definitely not in black no matter how many Obama's you put in paper tiger positions. Behind every release made by Hollywood or some of the giant multi-national record companies there is politics & the shaping of society. Maintaining and romanticising this kind of gangster culture is nothing short of paying people in booze like back in the early industrial days: its not about the pleasure of the people. Its about the numbness of the people. How many is capable of fighting for justice, equality and improvment while on crack feeding yourself with self-destructive instructions from some opportunist money-maker-gangster? No-one. I think its crap. Yet again another generation of kids will be fooled into believing their problems either cant be solved, or only can be solved by creating a violent distance to your neighboors. Once again kids who could have a great future, demand change and create harmonic societies gets fooled into drugs, gang life and petty crime as the way out of poverty and repression. What you can learn from history is that what helps people won't be televised even if seemingly the intentions are good, the psychological societal effects are on an intriguing, ideological level that we dont understand and that can only do harm.
  4. When was the last time you all listened to Pump Ya Brakes? Yeah. No collaborations please.
  5. Having a look at the Homebase wiki entry history. Before, "Lets Party" was listed at the same page as "US Hidden Track" but unfortunately it all seems to be fake. Same user IP who in 2008 added "Lets Party" to the tracklisting also added songs called "We Out" and "DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince 4EVER" to the Code Red tracklisting. Im pretty sure it doesnt exist.
  6. It is fake unless Def Jam couldn't afford Photoshop and made the tracklisting in Paint.
  7. Edit: Failed to provide my personal comment on the list - "zzz". Tracklist: Girls Ain't Nothing But TroubleA Touch of JazzParents Just Don't UnderstandA Nightmare On My StreetBrand New Funk (Live at Nassau Coliseum)I Think I Can Beat Mike TysonThe Groove (Jazzy's Groove)The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Theme from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)SummertimeRing My Bell (Mr. Lee's Radio Mix)The Things That U Do (Hula Radio Remix)Boom! Shake the RoomI'm Looking for the One (To Be with Me)Lovely Daze (T.L.A.C Remix)
  8. I think in due time we will see another Will Smith or, maybe in the utopian world, JJFP album, definitely. It seems he got tired of the whole "the biggest, richest, most loved and famous entertainment personality"-thing and that the end of this ultra-commercial phase makes it possible for him to do things he actually like rather than what seems like a good career move. A second coming of Will-music followed by a second coming of Will-movies wouldnt be surprising; a lot of both actors and musicians have this lacklustre period where the heyday era gets followed by some fame/money collecting before returning to its roots. Of course the album probably wont be perfect. If not at least half the album is produced by JJ, then FP can go f*ck himself. And I expect to see little bit of Kanye or similar, but if it gets flooded by these modern rappers, then FP can go f*ck himself. And of course he will drag the whole family into the album, but if its main purpose is some hidden promotion of Jaden/Willow then FP can go... well, you know. Anyway hope it will happen soon and that FP keeps up what began with Lost & Found, namely a more mature yet still positive vibe. Your time bomb society needs it possibly even more than in 2005..
  9. This was the interview after the Nokia Urban Festival concert, right? The one that was... the best ever, and that seems forever lost.
  10. Its really sad. He seemed to be one of the most down to earth and human actors around... I remember I read an article a couple of months ago where Will was saying how James Avery teached him a lot about being more humble about both his profession and himself, and that he had made a lot of really bad calls before FPoBA. I think Will really has a lot to thank this man for, he was a really good actor and seemed to be a really nice man as well.
  11. If they dont use Willow, they will use Jaden with long hair
  12. It's a bit weird though because its kind of like they didnt want it to work. The "Party Starter" video was released like... four months later than it should have been, despite the success of Switch... Maybe there are people in Will's surroundings who gain more money when he makes movies than albums, and that didnt want him to succeed. I dunno.
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