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  1. I'm never able to catch those mistakes. :tear:
  2. First use of the word head = The head on top of his shoulders Second use of the word head = The "other" head....in the pants That's my take on it, or maybe my mind needs to just get out the gutter.
  3. Yea, it's technically gold, but I don't consider it so.
  4. ^^^True I'm trying my best to keep my faith for this album to do well.
  5. "Switch's" run on the chart: 36-28-24-21-20-16-11-9-8-11-11-9-5 Lookin' good. :dancingcool:
  6. I hope it is, but I have my doubts.
  7. Will doesn't need big magazines to review him to sell records, he doesn't need controversy to sell records, he doesn't need to start beef with other rappers (*cough*50 Cent*cough*) to sell records...he needs none of that.
  8. I think that Em has matured with his hatin on other rappers. I think he heard Mr. Nice Guy, but he probably wouldn't respond. Oh yeah, Will Smith > Eminem.
  9. He'll probably get some good sales from the concert, but if he really wants to increase his sales, he'll need to perform songs from his new album. At least more than just "Switch".
  10. We want more sales because L&F deserves more sales because of how great an album it is. Plus: More sales = More videos = More concerts. So many reasons.
  11. Even though it rised, the sales are falling too significantly. If we have a new single, the sales will rise.
  12. It's slowly gaining while "Since U Been Gone" is slowly falling, I've got my hopes for it to peak at #4 sometime in the near future.
  13. When I saw "Switch" fall a few weeks ago, I thought that was it. It's run was over. Boy, I was wrong. "Switch" has moved up 4 spots from #9 to finally enter the Top 5. It seems as if "Switch" has found its second wind. http://www.rockonthenet.com/charts/charts.htm This is an outstanding leap, and I am still in awe of how this song is still doing so well. Now, we wait for the Billboard Hot 100. Man, I really hope it leaps into the Top 10. :ridepony:
  14. I don't care how much booty "Switch" is kickin', we need a new single after looking at those numbers.
  15. R&B artists would be great. Get him and R. Kelly on a track.
  16. It's about to go up to #5. It's only 38 behind "Sugar" and "Switch" is gaining steadily.
  17. I didn't know Will was Indiana Jones! How odd!
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