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  1. "Hitch" is easily one of the funniest movies of the year.
  2. Party Starter could easily be the party summer song of 2005. 2003: Shake Ya Tailfeather 2004: Lean Back 2005: Party Starter
  3. For the first time ever I guess I'm watchin' the BET Awards.
  4. It grew in radio spins, but decreased in the chart number. Weird...
  5. This is basically the Hong Kong "Greatest Hits" of Will Smith. Get that CD!
  6. Ms. Holy Roller The only song I skip on the entire CD.
  7. 1- 4 2- 1. Swiiiiiitch 2. Tell Me Why 3. Party Starter 4. Pump Ya Brakes 3- 5 4- Same order as #2 except the fifth single would be "Lost & Found"
  8. Big Willie Style. Got me into Will's music, and is my favorite CD of all time.
  9. Wyclef Jean and Will battling? Man, I would've loved to see that. If you've never heard of Wyclef, pick up his "The Carnival" CD. Classic as "The Score" was.
  10. When I listen to the remix, I don't listen to Elephant Man and think of him as a gay hater. I have a hard enough time trying to comprehend what the hell he's saying! But seriously, I don't respect Elephant Man for his lyrics, but I can't help but ignore that and just like the song.
  11. They better, but I have a feeling they won't. Black radio only plays black R&B artists or hardcore thugged-out rappers. Since Will is none of those, and is "too white" in their minds, they will pass on playing him.
  12. As weeks go by, I hear it gettin played a lot more on the radio. I hope it can keep going until it reaches #1!
  13. Excellent news! I have a feeling that good word of mouth gave L&F the sales it got this week. "Switch" is the only single out, and its doin' well, so I'm sure that helps too. People are finally realizing that Will's got a great album.
  14. Definitely release it at the beginning of May, before the album can fall off the charts.
  15. When I first heard "Lost and Found", I knew it was my favorite song. Damn, that thing pumps me up.
  16. I'm just prayin for it to go platinum, and the only way he can is if he releases "Tell Me Why" sometime soon. But as I see the low figures, I realize that Big Willie Style didn't sell much to start out with, and it's one of the highest selling rap albums of all time!
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