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  1. I'd use LL for a remix of a song like "Could U Love Me." His specialty is love songs and this would be perfect. "Lost and Found" has too dark a tone for LL. And I think Mos Def would be great too, I just don't think many people have heard alot of his music. That's why he only has a small number of votes.
  2. Definitely agree for the ambulance guy. "Give us the baby..."
  3. Yea, Boom was the song that actually got me interested in JJFP and their music. I had already owned numerous Will Smith Cd's, but no JJFP. Now I got them. :peace:
  4. "Jiggy" was a light-hearted yet silly song, so the video was obviously gonna be light-hearted and silly too. I thought it was a great video.
  5. Yea I'm really surprised Switch is doing so well in other countries. It has to go gold sometime in the near future. :ridepony:
  6. Jeff HAS to have Will on his new album. It's another good reason for me and others to go out and buy it.
  7. Wow, apparently nobody listened to "Rock the House" more than any of the others. :confused: Of all albums I expected "And in This Corner..." to be it.
  8. Will has to release a new single for the album sales to rise. People aren't just gonna hear "Switch" and wanna buy the album. They gotta hear another song they like, and then they'll most likely buy the album.
  9. Don't trust the people at willsmith.com message boards. I went there before coming here and its a disaster. JJFP.com is the true Will Smith site!
  10. But what I don't understand is that "Switch" gets more spins on the radio than like every song on the Billboard Hot 100, but they are still higher on the charts than it.
  11. "Black Suits Comin" is the worst, in my opinion. It was just over-the-top with it's goofiness.
  12. I'd say "Miami." Really creative and just an overall beautiful video.
  13. Hopefully he could move up in the charts now! :angel: Great find, by the way.
  14. Yea I'm expecting a "No" but I wanna see if nobody at all hears him on black radio. Just curious.
  15. What can I say, Will's a box office superstar, with like 5 of his last movies scoring over $100 million in the US alone.
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