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  1. I compare them by albums. Fresh Prince Classics: He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper and Homebase Fresh Prince Good Albums: Code Red and Rock the House Fresh Prince Mediocre Albums: And in This Corner... Will Smith Classics: Big Willie Style and Lost & Found Will Smith Good Albums: Willenium Will Smith Mediocre Albums: Born to Reign To me they're equal.
  2. When he performs and hosts at the BET awards, sales should be boosted then, too. Great news.
  3. Man, if only they would release it in June. I just wanna see the sales boost soon. Good news, though. :2thumbs:
  4. Man that is awesome news. When Party Starter drops sales should remain consistent and Will's gonna be platinum in no time. :wiggle:
  5. At least they went out in good form, after a 2x platinum album and world tour. Best of luck to all of them.
  6. Definitely Nate Dogg on a hook. That man just plain makes every song he's in great. LL Cool J, Ludacris, Kanye West, Nas, and Doug E. Fresh (again) would all be great.
  7. I'm expectin anywhere from 22 to 26k, which is GREAT that L&F is stayin strong.
  8. ^^^Ok good, that clears up some stuff. I thought his album was gonna be released June 28th so I was worried he'll bomb. Good news then.
  9. 1. Big Willie Style 2. Lost and Found 3. He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 4. Homebase 5. Code Red 6. Willenium 7. Rock the House 8. And in This Corner... 9. Born to Reign
  10. Boyz II Men will be on it, and after listening to their last album "Throwback", they never lost that talent. Good luck to them.
  11. MC Ren served me fries at McDonald's yesterday. I see he's really done well for himself.
  12. What the hell's wrong with this list? 50, who mumbles like a freakin caveman has gone damn near 4x Platinum; Game, who I do have respect for but is nowhere near the level of Big Will; Mike Jones, who repeats the same exact line over and over again in EACH one of his songs, has outsold Will?!? Here's my views on upcoming album sales: Nas: Will go Gold if not Plat all depending on the success of the single Mos Def: Might go gold but won't go Plat BEP: They're goin MultiPlat BUT they aren't Hip Hop, they're sellouts who needed a white girl to boost album sales Public Enemy: Doubtful to even cross 200k Kanye: Will go MultiPlat pretty expectedly DMX: I don't know, his single is doing NOTHING and his album is coming out in like 2 weeks with NO promotion. Man, he could be screwed.
  13. I wonder when Switch is gonna go gold in the US. Anytime now.
  14. It's gotta be in the Top 5. I can't see it being #1, but it must be in the Top 5.
  15. Either way, it'll still help with sales, so I'm optimistic.
  16. He simply uses a variety of different flows and voices throughout L&F.
  17. http://www.urbanconnects.com/ However, they will have the album sales in by tomorrow night most likely. The guy is really biased towards G-Unit and has a strong dislike towards Will, though.
  18. It was 7100 yesterday and its a little over 7000 today. It hasn't dropped from last week, but next week it'll most likely drop. They already have the video filmed, this is THE perfect time to release Party Starter. With the sales remaining perfectly steady, the NBA Finals Performance, the BET Awards, and the Live 8 Concert, Will MUST go platinum.
  19. Excellent news, but I'm skeptical. They had around the same numbers reported in for last week, and then the actual numbers from UrbanConnects had it 2,000 lower. If those are really the numbers, I'm REALLY happy. He'll go gold in no time.
  20. ^^^Yea Common's "The B**** In You" was a classic diss and he really went to Cube's skills to attack, not spout some bull about how his gun would kill him.
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