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  1. Today's society is only happy with Rap music that contains violence and gun talk. A freestyle really would be perfect, but unfortunately their "reputation" can only take talk about killing their enemies. Sad. Look over the BDP vs. Juice Crew beef, or the Kool Moe D and LL beef. They didn't need violence. God, society's perception of music is pathetic nowadays. :chuks:
  2. Summertime is the absolute greatest summer jam of all time. Hell look at the name of the song. :jazzy:
  3. VMAs are useless, and I guarantee 50 Cent will sweep along with Game. GRAMMYS: L&F will be nominated for Rap Album of the Year, against tough competition with Common and Kanye. I think he'll win though. Switch will probably be nominated for Rap Song of the Year and will possibly win. I don't see competition yet. Tell Me Why for Record of the Year. I see no competition as of yet.
  4. If it's at Miami on June 9th, you know he's gonna play Miami, which will be a bad move.
  5. If he performs Switch, I will change the channel REAAAALLLY quick.
  6. They were probably sued for the song around the time the album dropped.
  7. Lookin' good. It's a freakin' travesty that Mike Jones sold more than Will Smith. Good God what is wrong with us Americans.
  8. 2002: Get the Party STARTED 2004: Let's Get It STARTED 2005: Party STARTER Notice a trend? It must be Party Starter.
  9. You know a collabo that would be PERFECT: LL Cool J and Will Smith.
  10. Wouldn't that be a gain from the 24,000 we had from last week?
  11. Man, this could be a disaster. :sigh: I said release a new single 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately I think the record people are blinded by Switch's success and don't see the album numbers.
  12. Yea Luda really only wrote the hook. But I would've LOVED to see a Luda verse on there.
  13. I thought about that too, but I came to the conclusion that it's possible that they could've shown them, the people who helped in the video, the finished video after it was done.
  14. This sounds like a concept for a video that Will would do.
  15. Without question we'll definitely see another single.
  16. Party Starter HAS to be the summer party anthem of '05. No hip hop head would expect it and we will all laugh.
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