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  1. Welcome to the board. You'll love it here.
  2. It should be Sergio. If Peter wins I will be really mad. He just shouldn't have a second chance like that.
  3. "Ass Like That" is a terrible song, but sadly, the MTV audience will probably embrace it and it will be #1 in no time.
  4. The new album I think is called TP-3 Reloaded. Can't wait.
  5. 200,000 worldwide isn't bad at all, in my opinion. Especially for an independent label, and even better for a DJ to sell it. That's pretty good. Thanks for the numbers. :dancingcool:
  6. Ya see, this list states the person Top 100 best rappers regarding skill, not the rappers who made the most impact. If he had a list like that then Melle Mel, Sugarhill, and Kurtis Blow would be a LOT higher.
  7. Ok, this is how I look at it. Let's take Akon's CD "Trouble" for an example. It came up, led by the single "Locked Up", and it sold pretty mildly. Then a long long time has passed, he comes out with "Lonely", which is a HUGE hit, and he's getting 40,000 sales a week nowadays. The album has been out for 45 weeks, and it's still in the Top 20. Even if Will lets "Tell Me Why" come out later, and it happens to be the big hit we all dream of it to be, there is still a solid chance that Will's sales will do like "Trouble" is doing. Let's not lose faith yet, guys. :afro:
  8. The order should go, in my opinion: 2nd Single: Tell Me Why 3rd Single: Party Starter 4th Single: Either I Wish I Made That or Pump Ya Brakes
  9. The greatest hits album sold THAT little?! Man, I didn't know they sold so few. Anybody know the numbers on "The Magnificent"?
  10. This is the numbers sold in the US only. Gold is 500,000 for the US.
  11. 8. Salt-N-Pepa - In the Top 10!?! 15. Missy Elliott - Good, but ahead of WAY too many good ones. 16. Queen Latifah - No. No. 17. Jay Z - Why so low on the list? 19. Mary J. Blige - is NOT rap 25. Doug E. Fresh - I love the guy, but hasn't put out enough to be put past a number of these artists 29. Erykah Badu - Isn't really rap... 32. KRS - One - Why so low? 34. TLC - Isn't rap. Goddamnit. 35. Kool DJ Herc - Too low 36. MC Lyte - Not good enough to be at such a high position; maybe around the 60s 39. Common - I think he should be higher. 40. Slick Rick - Same as above. 49. Digital Underground - I wouldn't put them in my Top 100 50. Mase - Love the guy, but waaaay too high 51. Big Daddy Kane - should be higher 52. Lil Kim - Not in my Top 100 57. Biz Markie - The class clown of Rap should be lower 59. Kanye West - People need to hop off the Kanye bandwagon and realize he's only put out one CD. 60. Busta Rhymes - Too low 62. Arrested Development - Not in my Top 100 65. Scarface - Too low 68. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Too low 70. The Fat Boys - No. 73. Method Man - Should be a little higher 74. Mobb Deep - In my Top 30 75. Ludacris Underrated on this list 76. Will Smith - My Top 1 78. Roxanne Shanté - Not in my Top 200 81. Whodini - Not in my Top 100 87. Foxy Brown - Not in my Top 100 88. 3rd Bass - Same as above 89. Big Punisher - Should be higher 95. Grandmaster Melle Mel - Waaaaaaaaay too low 99. Fat Joe - Needs to be alot higher I haven't heard of a good percent of the people on that list. I need to get in touch with more hiphop. BTW, this list is the devil.
  12. Good for Will! The single should be gold (in the US) in no time.
  13. In Boys II Men and Hammer's defense, their albums were released on independent labels with little to no marketing at all, so their albums werent expected to sell much. I agree with everything else you said.
  14. Sweet Jesus, Frenetic is the man. :werd:
  15. To bigted: I agree that LL isn't one dimensional ("Father" is one of my favorite tracks of his), I think that someone along the lines of Rakim, Mos Def, or Nas would be suited better. What I meant to say before is that I like LL better when he's rappin a love song ("Hey Lover"), and that I would love to see him on a song like "Could U Love Me". There is just too many other people who could be better on "Lost and Found" than LL. BTW, LL Cool J IS a legend.
  16. Even though it may get more spins on the radio, people aren't ordinarily gonna buy the album after hearing one single. Release a new single and the sales WILL increase.
  17. Well 28,000 isnt a bad drop. We NEED a new single, though.
  18. This chart (Issued May 14th) was shown to everybody on Thursday of last week. So we'll be getting an official update by Thursday or possibly tomorrow.
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