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  1. the most positive MC's today.... FP and LL come to mind
  2. yeah she has..its been what 6-7 years, im definetely lookin forward to hearing her new stuff, hopefully theres a guest appearance from FP
  3. thanks for that yousendit link again, i was using megaupload and it crashed halfway through, gonna start downloading this tonight...its sounds really good from what everybodys tellin me
  4. could you get any clips of...oh forgot his name, something mike...he played bobby shaw in my wife and kids, and a pimp in friday after next......damn hes funny
  5. :lolsign: :lolsign: at maxfly theres an alliance thing going down now?
  6. what are the features like...any good, and whats the extended part in the film?
  7. sorry tim, i was just answering his question, didnt mean to indirectly spam, and you know i dont, i stay on topic most of the times
  8. try this link you should find samples of every song on the album...i dont know how long the samples are http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?...316015571&BAB=M
  9. i cant believe some people think that bow wow is like will smith in rapping, thats just not right and its an insult
  10. i agree with you on that one...it will help him face his fears, but it was kinda tight
  11. she had one before, came out 98-99, it was called kiss the sky, i loved the album and thought it was great
  12. Yeah, he was just serving as the seat warmer before MaxFly came along. or tim, or you, theres only like you 4 that are in heavy competition with each other........ :lolsign: :lolsign:
  13. well dnt get me wrong but the only reason i say that is because i heard a recent song of whitneys and i cant remember what its called, but her voice sounded grainy...(maybe because of personal problems) but yeah i didnt say i didnt like her singing, because shes a fantastic singer, and has such an angelic voice, but yeah thats the only reason....and yeah it may turn out like that britney/aguilera thing your talkin bout...but we wont know that until we hear the song.....if its going to happen
  14. thats because its an addictive game...but we don't take it as seriously as chief does though.......... :lolsign: :lolsign:
  15. nah i cant... i was just kidding, im about to go to university in september
  16. IMO i dont really mind its up to you...if you feel like resetting it...then go ahead, if it makes everyone want to play.....your best off finding that out first
  17. yeah but how can someone with a red indian for an avatar be taken seriously......j/k :lolsign: :lolsign:
  18. chief you wont stay on top forever...........
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