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  1. yeah...hahaha...he looked ridiculous in that
  2. what was carlton's nickname when he goes down to compton?
  3. it was jaaam...from the same episode: geoffery: its a bird, it's a plane it's _____ _____!
  4. hahaha...thats funny...and its all within 2 months...can't believe i missed all that...
  5. hahaha...i hadn't seen that, so thanks! but i didn't understand what he was saying? didn't make any sense. but the reenactment was funny!
  6. ok ok...i'm not sure how hard/easy this is gonna be but this quote always stick out for me coz its so funny... complete the quote! uncle phil: carl...i'll be frank... judge robertson:
  7. pretty sure it was moose? not sure though...
  8. hahaha...i love this ep...i've seen it about a 20 times...think i can recite it line for line..i feel good...hint hint...lol
  9. charles barkley (he didn't show up that wuss)...lol...i'm like 100% sure i'm right (not to be cocky or anything...) so i'll go right ahead and ask question. who did uncle phil wear his hair like back in the day (from the ep where will pawns ashley's violin)?
  10. mate...is that right? you gotta say something...
  11. and he about due for a snack! what's jazz's first line in the show?
  12. lol...an oxymoron i think is what you call it? cats scare me...and birds...dogs are so lovable!
  13. pretty sure its called the script formerly known as...the song is and i am not telling you by jennifer holiday yeah? lol...that always cracks me up....all the facial expressions he makes and uncle phil trying to get away will's good at those though...he did ain't to proud to beg and ain't no sunshine too i think? everytime i try it i'm at least a beat off...a bit tone deaf i am...
  14. ice t shudda come out with something like kool moe dee's how ya like me now...except now it'd be a good rapper against a crap rapper (to use the term loosely)
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