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  2. hey guys,on fpob actors like alfonso ribeiro(on dancing) or tatyana ali(singing)have expressed his abilities,but Will never made reference to his rap or to jjfp.would be great that in a chapter rapping or something like dis.only i remember in first episode Will teaching to ashley to do a rap thing but only a few seconds.
  3. ssssssspaiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!spain has one of the most great teams in the eurocup,so you'll see,to me the possible champions are,spain,france or italy,anyway there are so many great teams, and in a sport like football the logic doesn't exist
  4. "will smith don't gotta cuss in his rap well i do,so **** him and **** you too" is this only lines that eminem use to diss Will???????i thought that he diss more on will Will would respond to em!!!!!!!!
  5. hey,what's up,i've understand that the reason of vivian change in fourth season of fpoba,is that when Will become producer,he had conflicts or problems with actress of vivian,money problems i think,and then she goes.what do you think? and in first chapter of 4th season,jazzy go with something like dis:hey vivian,you've changed so much!hahaha ,and then the camera go to Will and Will look to camera in a accomplice face,hahahah.
  6. mmmmmmmmm,it's only a opinion,but i think that is a little out of tempo,probably because will's flow is more fast that the beat
  7. what's up with this tracks that we haven't talk about??? I loved you No more i loved you i've understand that will compose it for his ex-wife....that's true???
  8. hey what's up,guys one thing....on born to reign track,the will's flow,the rap style,remind me a little to eminem style!!!!what do you think?is more agressive
  9. if you would have the oportunity to see Will or jjfp in a concert,what songs would you like will perform in the show...without danzers,only a turntables and will on the mic,and what rappers or artist would you like to perform with him?
  10. and then said:why he doesn't love me?
  11. trueeeeeeee,the link has broken,help uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssss pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. what is talking about Will in afroangel track?
  13. yeaaaaahhhh man absolutely,and also the episode when carlton take drugs accidentaly from will
  14. the chapter when will's father come to see him after fifteen years,and promise to Will do a travel together,but finally he go without Will. i like so much will's acting,it's very emotive at the end....and makes me cryyyyyyy,hahahaha
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