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  1. I'm siding with Wild Child. If he's solo then it should just be Will Smith. If he were to do a whole album with just him and JJ then Fresh Prince would be a must. Either way a name's a name and won't change the quality of the music he creates.
  2. My favorite part is in the one where two couples switch wives and then one of the husbands finds the other wife's vibrator and thinks that it's a light saber so he turns it on and swings it around like he's a Jedi or something. I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. You have to see it.
  3. I forgot that movies don't get released at the same time in different countries. Anyway I didn't think I implied that I, Robot couldn't contend with Spider-man 2, I know it can. I was just wondering if anyone thought Spidey could take Will's record. Will holds first, second, and third place at U.S. box office for July 4 weekend gross. MIBII 54+Million MIB 51+Million ID4 50+Million
  4. I've had a recurring dream, though not recently, about Will and Jeff playing at my party. And while they're rocking the house I'm up front eating lasagna and drinking brisk iced tea.
  5. Spider-man 2's showing in theaters nationwide on July 2nd right? That's the Friday of July 4th weekend. Though I'm most likely not going to see it until it's a week old I was wondering what everyone else was thinking about this. Any predictions?
  6. I remember that episode. Will says "Man Jazz together we are invincible!" and then Jeff says "We're good my brother, but people can still see us". Very good episode.
  7. He's also supposedly doing The Mark, Uptown and Pursuit.
  8. Oh. Well, whether it matters or not, I never thought you were ... you know.
  9. There was the time Will and Jeff were on a gameshow and were beating the crap out of each other in the sound proof booth until Jazz hurt his eye and then they made up. A Kodak moment.
  10. I liked the one where Jazz was on the drums and Will was dancing around in Ashley's room.
  11. I never said she was a dude. And what are never gonna be like?
  12. [quote=DevilsJim89,Apr 12 2004, 09:57 AM]I don't think there's ever gonna be an "official" list that everyone is going to agree with. Everyone has different tastes and opinions on different artists which makes it difficult to have a list.[/quote] True. If one were to wait for universal acceptance, eternity wouldn't last long enough to see that come true.
  13. I'm cool with Em. I think that being the big Will fans that we are we're letting emotions get the better of us. If we all hated who's ever dissed Will... well that'd be a whole mess of people to hate. You have to admit, whether you like him or not, the guy can rap. I admit that there was a period where I didn't listen to Em because of that jab at Will for the moonman thing, but it's what he does. Em's like terrorism (I'm not saying that I'm cool with terrorism, quite the opposite) if you let them get to you they win(ie. the whole controversy over his lyrics which, I'm told, sparked a multi platinum release). Though I do have to say no one has to worry about Em contending with Will on the big screen. What a stretch of his acting ability it must have been to play a down and out white rapper.
  14. Hmm, it's kind of like choosing which of my hands to chop off. But I'll have to side with "Pump Me Up." Jeff just scratched the hell out of whatever Will threw at him. And in the end the echo scratch just pulled me over to "Pump Me Up".
  15. Though my perception of you hasn't changed, it would probably have been wiser had you not said that you wore a skirt, had make up on along with a wig. But hey, what do I know?
  16. It may not fit your situation, but I've always been partial to "Ring My Bell." Pretty romantic by some standards.
  17. Though they had every right to charge Will, they should have had the decency to tell him ahead of time. Instead they chose to bust a troll. Though Will could have easily covered the charge the principle is what counts.
  18. Aged 18 years. Still young enough to be held in contempt by the elderly, but old enough for responsibility to be thrust upon me.
  19. You're right. When I saw that I totally thought they just flipped it around. But hey, immitation (I can't think of the real word at this moment) is the sincerest form of flattery. Also if you're gonna steal might as well steal from the best right?
  20. The host says "Damn. Jadakiss is good" which would sound like "Damn. Jada kisses good" when spoken quickly. Then Will knocks the host out thinking that the host kissed Jada. It's not really a funny [i]ha ha[/i], it's really a [i]oic[/i].
  21. The joke is to slur "Jadakiss is good" to "Jada kisses good".
  22. Good job to those who participated it was pretty close. I'm just itching to see the finals.
  23. I think he's just not a very good actor, and he's not alone in that respect. But he doesn't seem like the type to give a half assed performance.
  24. Will's quite the trend setter. I remember when people frowned upon those who crossed over from music to acting. It's pretty much the norm now. Though the cross from acting to music is seemingly still not as welcomed or at least has not reached plateus that Will's acheived at the other end.
  25. Yeah, they were in a game before. NBA Jam Tournament Edition. They had the max stats. Unfortunately no one will play it with me so I end up playing as Will or Jeff and John Stockton. Countless hours of fun.
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