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  1. No offense man, but seemed like that. :mad8:
  2. By the way, Fan4Ever, are you wearing make-up or something on your cheeks? :confused3:
  3. I used to go through Trojan problems very regularly until I discovered the ultimate Anti-Trojan programme called TDS 3. It is the superb software out there. Download it from here: TDS-3 Use it like every week and all your Trojan and Adware problems are over. :thumb:
  4. Hey, wasn't there a rumour that Will was recording a track with Michael Jackson for Invincible in 2001? I guess that would have been cool if it had got released. :kool:
  5. Fresh Prince released 9 music videos??? Wow. That's news to me :toetap:
  6. C'mon, Will certainly has more star power to attract audience than because of Mary J. Blige being featured in a track. Isn't it? :confused3:
  7. Hey, isn't there another similar topic somewhere else? :confused3: Anyways, 93 was the year when I saw Summertime and became a Fresh Fan. :dancingcool:
  8. Hey, thanks to you too, Typhoon20. :peace:
  9. HOLY CRAP!!!!! Reborn2Reign, you are God!!!! I cannot believe I got soooo many Fresh Prince videos in just one day!!! Thank you very much man. That was the nicest thing EVER!!!! I have never seen videos for I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson, I Wanna Rock, Looking For The 1, Boy U Knock Me Out and Voices That Care. DAMN!!!! Also I've seen Ring My Bell and Parents Just Don't Understand only once or at the most twice. Thanks once again, dude. 1000 Kisses to you. You are the Ultimate Fresh Ninja!! :thumb:
  10. Whoa. Shocking opinion man. :speechless: Because I just LOVEEEEEEEEEE that album. "I'm All That" is just....ALL THAT!!! And the remaining tracks too. Probably the only weakest track was "Who Stole The DJ". And "Dumb Dancin" and "Trapped On The Dance Floor" are just excellent!! This is what I would call a serious difference of opinion!!!! :poke:
  11. In 1992, the concept of Cable TV was first introduced and by beginning of 93, MTV started to air. That's when I first saw Summertime and I fell in love with those two guys. Then immediately after a short while, Boom! Shake The Room aired and I declared them as one of my all time fav. groups. But I couldn't get any album of JJFP because I was living in an absolutely ****ty town known as Nagpur. Then in 96, I moved to Hyd, which is a big city and within a month I got hold of Homebase cassette and there was no stopping back. I saw then Independence Day and Bad Boys and Will also became one of my most fav. actors. Then ofcourse MIB was released, so I bought the album soundtrack and subsequently BWS and from then I have seen all of Will's movies except for the very first one. Then in 2000, we got a new channel called Zee English and it aired all the seasons of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, so I watched every episode and loved it very much. So there's my FRESH bio. :dancingcool:
  12. Instead of tracks, I'll say the albums I haven't heard: Rock The House He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper And In This Corner Code Red Embarrasing, isn't it? :hilarious:
  13. Just delete your cookies after every 5 votes. That's what I did.
  14. I guess racism is everywhere. Because in our country there is a huge issue now because a Pakistani actress kissed an Indian actor in a movie and HOLY COW!!! There was a huge controversy due to it and the actress has been getting death threats and stuff. Sad that a simple kissing can cause so much problems.
  15. Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I'd be able to collect the other JJFP albums too. :dancingcool:
  16. The problem here is the generation gap. Most of the people now are more accustomed to the new wave of rappers and their style. Rappers with a troubled past are deemed more credible as a rapper. So when they rap about people and problems from their past, it becomes a hit these days. Whereas Fresh Prince was more like a party guy and a funny story teller. Ofcourse Will has matured really as a rapper and touched different subjects and aspects of his life now. But then, the new hip-hop fans are having a hard time to digest the fact that a good guy like Will can rap about these subjects. That is why they find the need to compare Will with Eminem. I don't think we can blame anyone here because the times have changed and the taste in music with people has also changed. :poke:
  17. SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the very first Will video I had seen and the very first Fresh Prince track I had heard. So it will always be the special Classic to me. :peace:
  18. DAMN CYRANO!!! That's one hell of a collection. Why don't you be a doll and send me your entire collection for free. :speechless:
  19. My top Fav Rap albums are: 1.The Great Milenko - Insane Clown Posse 2.R U Still Down (Remember Me) - 2Pac 3.Freekshow - Twiztid 4.Lethal Injection - IceCube 5.The Amazing Jeckel Brothers - Insane Clown Posse 6.Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water - LimpBizkit (by the way, it's more of rap than rock :dancingcool: ) 7.Doggy Style - Snoop Doggy Dogg 8.Ready To Die - Notorious B.I.G 9.The Chronic - Dr. Dre 10.The Slim Shady LP - Eminem
  20. 1.2Pac 2.Insane Clown Posse 3.Twiztid 4.Fred Durst 5.IceCube 6.Snoop Doggy Dogg 7.Coolio 8.Biggie 9.Slim Shady 10.50 Cent
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