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  1. Well, buying online is a problem because when I have to convert dollar into Rupees. it becomes too pricey, because 1$ is equal to Rs46. So a 14$ Cd is around Rs640 for me. Not only that, these online sites charge very high for shipping to all across the continent. So it almost comes to around 25$.
  2. It's still Pump Ya Brakes even after 2 weeks. I don't know why but I think I have fallen in love with that track.
  3. Could you believe this???? Some stupid rock band called Mudvayne have released their new album this month titled......LOST & FOUND. I just cannot believe. This is probably the first time in history of music that two different albums with the same title has released just within a span of 15 days. Probably Will could file a lawsuit or something. :poke:
  4. The only possible way you could get that hoodie is if you probably broke into Will's house and stole it.
  5. The only possible way you could get that hoodie is if you probably broke into Will's house and stole it.
  6. just download those JJFP songs with Jazzy's rap on them then That won't be possible. I have searched high and low for JJFP albums and nobody keeps it for downloads or P2P sharing. :blabla:
  7. OH MY GOD!!! Limp Bizkit have released their first single "The Truth". Check this out, it's AMAZING!!!!!! The Truth Man, I think I'm going to cry.
  8. I never get any celeb dreams. Most of my dreams are always either spiders crawling near me or me performing really bad in my past school exams. It really sucks.
  9. Unfortunately, DVD's are NEVER a worldwide release. :tear:
  10. Uhh???????????? Shocking!!!!!!!!! :confused3: I honestly feel it was Pac and Biggie who made the 90's fantastic. :speechless: Ofcourse JJFP too, but he ain't gangsta.
  11. How to make the radio work? :confused3:
  12. Eh.....I do have the album MMLP and I honestly don't remember the last line. So Lerkot, did Slim himself send you this special remade version of 'Real Slim Shady?'
  13. Lol... why? Well, lets see. Bubblegum pop became an all time high. Rock completely died due the alternative pop-rock boys coming into the scene; and also because of all the "THE ETC. ETC." bands sounding all the same and crappy. The boy-bands started to really get on my nerves because they were trying to be R'n'B. Violent Gangsta rap turned into pimping hos, bling-blings and cadillacs. The latin music which I just can't stand became very popular. I no longer can differentiate between pop and r'n'b anymore. Avril and a million clones like her started bursting into the scene. The rap videos all look alike. The rock videos look all alike. The wardrobe completely changed with faded jeans and faded t-shirts being popular, while rappers wore over the top jewellery and pimp-style outfits. The hair-style of the punk-pop rockers and poppers is absolutely horrible with bad, mishaped haircuts that looked like their little sisters had experimented with their hair. And I think I'll hold Britney and Justin responsible for all of this. The only thing that came good out of the millenium was certainly rap-rock. And a HUGE thanks to Fred Durst for coming out with Limp Bizkit's Significant Other in 1999. p.s: This is only my lame opinion. So don't hate me for it. :peace:
  14. Yeah. I remember that, man. Then I entered the dream too and we all started dancing to "I'm All That". It was great. Aaw, such good times we had last night. :wiggle:
  15. Yes, 500 original CDs, it's a lot... But, just by curiosity, can you tell me: Since how many months/years do you download music? How many CDs did you download? And how many original CDs did you buy since you download? P.S: I'm not from the police... Oh my God. The RIAA has raided the site! :cwm:
  16. I think he's just really really lonely. Now is it okay to feel sorry for him? :confused3:
  17. I feel the early 90's was the great time for rap. Came 1999 with the arrival of Britney Spears, the whole music industry sank after that.
  18. With Ben Affleck???? Aaw man, I so much hate Ben as an actor. :nono:
  19. I LOVE CRAZYTOWN! Too bad they broke up. But Shifty came out solo and it's awesome! :werd:
  20. A Dogg is a Dogg. But a Doggfather is above all. There's no way Jay-Z, Ludacris, Chingy, Nelly, Ja-Rule, Fat Joe, Jaddakiss, Nas, LL, DMX, Obie, Diddy, Mase, Busta, Common, Bow Wow, T.I., Pharell, etc. etc. etc. can ever do what The PimpFather did in the track. :thumb:
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