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  1. WOW. Was that for real??? I cannot believe that people could say something so insane!!!! :confused3:
  2. It's really great man. :thumb:
  3. I cannot believe that Beck is still able to sell albums. He's no. 2 in Billboard!!! Will is certainly better than Beck.
  4. Well, here's my lame collection list: Audio Cassettes 1.HomeBase 2.Big Willie Style 3.Willennium 4.Born To Reign (Hopefully I'll be able to add Lost & Found in the upcoming few days). OST Soundtrack Cassettes 1.Men In Black OST 2.Wild Wild West OST Xtra Cassette 1.JJFP Greatest Hits (Now I put this as extra because I don't think it's an original cassette because the official track listing on internet shows a different tracklist with "Touch Of Jazz"; "Magnificent Jazzy Jeff"; "You Saw My Blinker"; and "Summertime '98") (Whereas all these tracks are missing and mine has "Can't Wait To Be With You"; "I Wanna Rock"; "Things That U Do"; and "Twinkle Twinkle I'm Not A Star". So it obviously has to be pirated.) VCD Movies (Ofcourse all are pirated, but can't help it) 1.Independence Day 2.MIB 2 3.Bad Boys 2 4.I, Robot 5.Shark Tale 6.Hitch (yes I know, so don't ask) VHS Movies (Once again pirated, but it costed me a lot :mad8: ) 1.MIB 2.Bad Boys Well........atleast I tried. :dunno:
  5. Will Smith - Holla Back Damn this reminds me of Summertime! :thumb:
  6. Hey, I didn't know that Li'l Kim got convicted. :confused3: I really feel sorry for her, though. :confused3:
  7. OH MY GOD!! "Pumps And A Bump" is my most fav. Hammer track EVER!!!! :kekeke: And the video (ofcourse the second version) is like one of my most fav. rap videos till date. :wiggle: Anyways, I think the reason why Chuck compared Will with V.Ice and Hammer is because they were probably the only 3 rappers who didn't use violent rap lyrics to become highly successful in the early 90s.. Ofcourse that all has changed because V.Ice is now with ICP :hilarious: and the lyrics are MAD violent. Chuck, I guess hasn't realised that yet. :confused3: And finally, I want to say as a huge rap fan, that all the 4 artists that Chuck mentioned, i.e. Will, Hammer, V.Ice and 50 Cent, do happen to be really talented rappers in their own unique style and individual areas and certainly all of them have contributed greatly to the music world. Violence or no violence, they all sound good. :thumb:
  8. Well, I guess that scene was a little bit sad. :violin:
  9. Damn. Topics like these really embarass me! :bang:
  10. Is this a bad time 2 say that i spent $60 on Avex The Album to get the track "Family Christmas?" And $80 to get the Japan import of JJ+FP Greatest Hits" so i could get "Don't Fight The Feeling." Damn you've got money to spend!!!!! :thumb:
  11. Well, I felt it was a diss to Will. But anyways, atleast he said the album had "commercial hits and street wit". :speechless:
  12. I still don't hear the B word. But anyway, this song is sarcasm at its best! :hilarious:
  13. I guess probably because of the all-out war between 50 and Jada that it's getting so promoted. Also because of the big shoot-out between Game and 50's crew. Violence sells. That's how it is today. :nhawong:
  14. Doesn't the credits feature few seconds of the instrumental version? Maybe you could record it and make it go loop. :poke:
  15. I really liked the movie. It was really funny, but i don't see any scenes to which a person would cry for though. :confused3: Anyways, I found the actress who played Kevin's girlfriend much hotter than Eva. DAMN WAS SHE PRETTY! :kekeke:
  16. Hey, Bad Boys 2 was aired only 2 weeks back on TV here. I saw it once again and loved it once again. :antlers:
  17. Yeah I am man!! :kekeke: We all had to dress up for that party! That's why i'm wearing that hat and that make-up! See Lerkot, that was a legit question after all. :hilarious: :cwm: Werd! You can always ask me anything man, and if i don't like answering, i just don't do it! :kekeke: okeeey.... you got bra? :speechless:
  18. Yeah man, this sure is a freindly forum with no bashing each other. I like it.
  19. Bracesup lives in India I think. Yup. :blabla:
  20. Oh Yeah, I remember that. But The boys weren't in the video, right?. That's sad.
  21. Don't hate me for saying this, but I honestly feel that internet piracy is the only factor keeping rap music alive in my country. Because as a huge rap fan, I would say that atleast 50% of rap album don't get released here. And even the ones that do get released mostly come after a month or so after the original release date (only if it's Eminem, Will or 50). So downloading music is the only way for me to listen to the albums. In fact even till today, The Game's "Documentary" hasn't been released even though it's such a massive hit in the US. And G-Unit's Beg For Mercy released after 1 year and a half and that too only in cassette. Also I had to download all of IceCube's album because except the Greatest Hits album, not even 1 album of Cube has released here in the past 14 years. Same is the case with Lost & Found. I had to download the album because even now it is not there in any stores. But if whenever my fav. rap artist's album gets released, I make it a point to buy his album. And I just want to say that downloading music, atleast for me, is not a free of cost thing because I have to pay MAD internet bills and it approx. comes more to what I pay in buying an album.
  22. Yeah I am man!! :kekeke: We all had to dress up for that party! That's why i'm wearing that hat and that make-up! See Lerkot, that was a legit question after all. :hilarious:
  23. If Puffy is a multi millionaire, why can't he take care of his own son but has to pay his ex-girl to take care of Lil Diddy? He certainly can look after Ashton Kutcher really well. :cwm:
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