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  1. And still would have been great. :thumb:
  2. Well, most of the artists record around 30 to 50 tracks, out of which only 13 or 14 makes the final cut. So there's no way anyone can hear the rest unless someone bootlegs it, which happened in case of 2 Pac.
  3. Dude, the official site where he posts is a huge proof. Also his e-mail ID and IP address has to be present. This is a serious offence and he can very easily be charged for it. If only the official board members could get his IP address, he's a gonner.
  4. Does it really matter now? We love Will and that's it. Because for every artist there always will be a bunch of haters.
  5. Hey Julie. Isn't this an obvious soliciting mail? You can very easily get this person arrested because he certainly committed a crime.
  6. Well, since there's such a BIG deal with members not having JJFP albums entering this Holy Place known as Potnas, I was thinking how about starting a new section for Non-Potna members? Because it certainly will be unfair for all the Potnas who purchased the album for lots of money to let everyone in. But it would be cool to create a section called Little Potnas where all the JJFP albums audio is available. Now obviously I'm not saying to put really high quality 192 Kbps, CD quality mp3 with Dolby Digital Surround sound, etc. but instead a cheap-ass, low quality, 20 kbps Real Audio having monotonous sound system which is sized like only 500 kb only for the true hardcore Will fans who, probably has been a fan like for 12 years and has followed Will loyally by purchasing his solo albums, yet could never get access to JJFP CDs because it can NEVER get released in the place that they live in and can no way afford to buy from the internet. I'm sure these members would be content just to listen to old JJFP albums even in this manner. This obviously will not be pirating JJFP albums because there's no way such low quality album could be converted into a CD, yet it could also be like a promotion to the future Will Smith fans who would listen to these and probably go out and buy Will Smith records. So isn't this idea kind of good? :kekeke:
  7. "Pump Ya Brakes". It's like a dream collaboration come true. I mean two of my very favourite rappers Big Will and The Doggfather, two complete contrasting rappers in total opposite rap genres, coming together and creating a magnificent track where both their styles gel together so well is just amazing. It probably has to be the best rap combo in the history of music!!!! :kool:
  8. Indian edition too. I got the CD today and the track was there.
  9. Man, I feel that "Pump Da Brakes" should be the next single too. It's awesome.
  10. I really like this line in Mr. Nice Guy. It's too funny. "Will’s sooo nice I’d let him date my daughter Like he was a white guy"
  11. Antlers??? Those are sexy-ass braids man. :werd:
  12. It's so unfair that a place like Japan, where most of the people can't even speak proper English, gets all the special editions and limited editions. In Will's word, "Tell Me Why"????!!!!!
  13. If "Switch" enters the Top 10, then it's definitely an indication of Will's still ongoing success.
  14. Hey Hey, I purchased the CD too. This officially is my first Will Smith CD (because it seems Lost & Found will not be released here in cassette). Anyways, loving it right now. And it has "Coming To The Stage" track too. Hey, there's also like a foldable poster-booklet inside, so I'm gonna stick it up the wall. :thumb:
  15. That wasnt Will Smith, that was Mike Lowrey. Yeah man. I'm sorry. Will obviously is a big sissy. So I'm a Mike Lowrey fan from now on. :antlers:
  16. Hey, I just purchased Lost And Found CD and I got the Bonus Track "Coming To The Stage". So I thought I'll share it with you guys. Here's the link: Coming To The Stage I hope it wasn't put here before.
  17. Since 12 years old???? Wow. That's real talent. :thumb:
  18. Compared to Born To Reign, Lost And Found is doing a much better job, right? :speechless:
  19. I'm guessing this MJWife dude probably was messed up as a kid. So he just wants some attention in his life. :poke:
  20. There's a lot of hype for this Potna's section. I wonder if it could be like the Mystical Cave in Alladin?
  21. I don't think Will and Jazz are cousins. Or maybe it was the best kept secret of the world and you probably first discovered it. :grin:
  22. Well, I'm going to stalk Tim now. :antlers:
  23. Will certainly can be tough if he wanted to. Especially in Bad Boys 2, he did say nigger a bunch of times and also said the F Word, and really showed he was gangsta enough. So I guess it's probably a cool thing to diss Will Smith. Maybe that's how one can be with the "In" crowd.
  24. Once again thanks to Trax90210 and Reborn2Reign. Really appreciate it guys. :peace:
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