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  1. Judge Dredd with a hoodie in the house.
  2. Will action figure??? Oh my God, put a pic of it. I so much want to see it.
  3. Well, I agree about Eminem. "Encore" was a poor effort from Slim. I was rather disappointed by it because SSLP and MMLP were like 1000 times better than Encore.
  4. Pump Ya Brakes, certainly. I think I already posted this thrice in 3 different places. :kiss:
  5. And the award for the longest post in the history of forum postings goes to..................... BIGTED!!!!!!! :beer: :afro: :angel: :werd: :rosik: :peace: Please come to my house to collect your award.
  6. The black Ts look so cool. :afro:
  7. I'd rather see Will do a song with Britney Spears and Vanilla Ice than 50 Cent, r u serious man? :hilarious: :hilarious: 50 Cent is the biggest disgrace to music ever right now, it'd ruin FP's career to collab with him, hell no! 1.I LOVE Vanilla Ice. So V.Ice and Fresh Prince would certainly be hella cool. 2.Like I posted previously somewhere, I do enjoy most kinds of rap styles, that's why I like 50 Cent. Of course he can no way come near Will or Pac, still, I kind of like G-Unit. I really have no explanation as to why, so sorry. 3.No Justin please. He really spoilt Doggfather's album, and I honestly don't want that to happen to the Fresh Prince. 4.Compared to Justin, I don't mind Britney with Big Will. :blabla: 5.I really don't know as to who sucks more, Usher or Justin. So both of them need not collab with Will. So Will is better off doing collabs with rap artists than poppers. p.s:Once again, all this is my lame opinion. So no hating. :thumb:
  8. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Lost and Found has released in a country like India, and that too in CD, then I am shocked that it hasn't come out in Germany!!! WOW. :confused3: :confused3: :confused3:
  9. Yeah, the understandable one and the one with all the shortcuts ^^. Insults apart, he he he. :hilarious:
  10. Most talented rappers in my opinion are 1.2Pac 2.Jamie Madrox (Twiztid) 3.Fresh Prince 4.Fred Durst 5.Violent J/Shaggy 2 Dope (ICP)
  11. NO FREAKING WAY! Justin sucks BIG time and Will should NEVER EVERRRRRR collab with that loser. Damn do I hate Justin Timberlake. I wouldn't even mind if Will and 50 Cent came out with a track. Come to think of it, that would be so cool.
  12. There no way a JJFP album would come out at this time and age. Even if by some remote chance it did occur, I dont think Will would rap as a cool story teller as he did those days.
  13. Man, memorising a rap track is next to impossible for me.
  14. Prayers to him. Its a very serious thing.
  15. I'd have to disagree. I think its just what the single chart needs. Will showing his deeper side is good for him to get out. I think it'll be a hit in the same way Where Is The Love was a hit for Black Eyed Peas. There's time after that single for another party tune to be released. There are strong rumours from Wills mouth that Tell Me Why will be released next And if people started comparing it with Jada's 'Why', it could jeopardise Will's album sales. And many people would purposely do it. That's why he should release Pump Ya Brakes. Its guaranteed to make the entrance in the top 10.
  16. Next thing you know, all the Will fans would be chasing Eminem through a dense jungle in the middle of the night with torches and pitchforks.
  17. Well i would take your view into account but you've already told us before you don't listen to anything else but JJFP so your opinion is kinda wack :kekeke: Hate to sound cruel, but thats like saying Cheese is the best filling for a sandwich ever, when you've never tried any other kind to compare it with That's is sort of funny and mean. :kekeke:
  18. Except for the hair-style and the beard, I don't think Will has changed a lot in the past 15 years. So he would certainly be looking as though he was in his late 30s at the age of 50.
  19. I guess a video-game for I, Robots would be supercool.
  20. See the first scene of the movie Baby Boy starring Tyrese. I think it probably has the best explanation to your question.
  21. Too many to count. Most of the 80s or 90s rappers would have brought out atleast one good classic album to add to their credit.
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