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  1. Ohh I love the parent's just don't understand remake. However, it's nothing compared to the original version :yeah:
  2. Lmao funny, funny video. I can tell that Will's kinda getting scared by these ppl because they are touching him in odd places.. :kekeke:
  3. Lolz it's basically a really big market with everything in it, from clothes to food to electronics and accesories. :kekeke:
  4. Uh..that's not exactly true. I'm 15.. Are u saying that i don't know what good music is?
  5. Will and Nicholas Cage...Interesting.. :sipread:
  6. Continue to post daily and you will have access to all sorts of audio clips and files in no time :wiggle:
  7. I've registered...but I forgot my username... It's pointless to register, u just waste ur time. There's nothing interesting on Willsmith.com..
  8. Lmao I love it. :kekeke: Very Different from the original song [obviously], but it sounds cool. :wiggle:
  9. Lolz that's awesome news. It's hard to imagine Will and Tom hanging out together. :kekeke:
  10. Thanks for the video! I love love Love it :yeah:
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