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  1. wow there is one a lot of white people and two a lot of OLD people in the crowd some dont even have hair! lol fp is the man has long as he still rockin the mic i dont care
  2. i think since he asked right??? he was just maken sure kinda like double checkin but anyway be nice ok :wavey:
  3. its not that its just soon i will be making a voew of poverty once i enter seminary and i kind of loive off of nothing though my housing and whatnot is paid but yea
  4. well i still live at my parents house right noe and at college we have public ones and then i guess at seminary after college, computers are few but no i didnt wan this to sound bad and it was directed at hero1 but i do wanna say this, that this website this forum is the kewlest website i have ever found. I enjoy visiting the forums so much and it puts some excitement into my day. at willsmith.com my username is theologianextrodinare and u can see there how many times i said how much ebtter this site is and just wanna say thanks hero1 for this site and for all the hard work you do. i am done replying to this thread but thanks God bless
  5. You know what i have come to realize I will never have the entire collection and there for i will never become a potna. I have what i have but i dont have the money to hunt down old cd's i dont have, i mean i had to save up for a month and a half to afford a ticket to see hitch and my girlfriend gave me the money for lost and found because she knew how much i wanted it but i did use 4 dollars of my own money. I will never have a lot of money, right now I am saving for a pilgrimage and in a few years i take a vow to poverty. But i came to realize as I was freaking out about not being able to be a potna, that i dont need to own all the cd's or belong to a potna group to know i am fresh prince fan, i already am a fan and a hardcore one at that. i know this may of sounded like a diss towards you hero1 or the potna group i didnt want it to be i just wanna say i am sorry i will never fit the criteria for the potna group.
  6. this is from a 2pac website www.thuglifearmy.com sry if someone already posted this dont get mad (dont be haten) lol jk Hip-hop rap artist and actor Will Smith released his new album ‘Lost and Found’ this week. Love him or hate him; this is a must album. The former ‘Fresh Prince’ shows he still is very fresh. The beats are original and Will Smith’s flow is tight and mature. The track ‘Lost and Found’ (also the album title) is a very truthful and straight at ya type track. If you don’t agree with what Will Smith has to say, then you must be brainwashed. This is one needed CD for rap and hip-hop. Even though ‘Lost and Found’ was released on Interscope, it is a CD worth a look and a buy. As a matter of fact I bought this CD to review; since Interscopes’ online rep has ‘issues’ with a lot of on line media and pretty much leaves us out in the cold. From the outset with ‘Here He Comes’ ya get a taste of something fresh. There is something for everybody on this record. Club bangers like ‘Switch’, ‘Pump Ya Brakes’ feat. Snoop, ‘If U Can’t Dance [slide] were definitely made for the ladies. While tracks like ‘I Wish I Made That’ / Swagga, Mr. Niceguy, ‘Lost and Found’, and ‘Tell Me Why’ are tracks that needed to be cut and give you some substance and something to think about. The last track ‘Switch…R&B Remix’ feat. Robin Thicke shows great versatility in Will Smith’s music. It really may be better than the original club banger ‘Switch’. With fresh beats and great production this album is sure to be a stand out. The album contains 15 tracks and there really isn’t a bad track there. They are all fresh and a real change from what we are being 'spoon' feed lately. On a scale of 1-10, ‘Lost and Found’ by Will Smith gets a 9. The only thing keeping it from a 10 is that it was released on Interscope. The album is out and be sure to check it out and buy it – don’t download it. Show support for the artist.
  7. Hey hero1 I was wondering if i gave u my list of stuff i can become a ptna and when i get home this weekend to upload pics of my stuff and if i dont by sunday you can kick me out or whatever. Movies: Six degress of seperation dvd bad boys vhs indipendence day vhs men in black vhs enemy of the state dvd wild wild west vhs legend of bagger vance vhs (used) Ali dvd (used) Bad Boys II DVD- not speicla edition Shatk tale dvd i dont have some of the arlier stuff, but i have showtime used on dvd since he did somethen with that the reason some are used is because i have been having financial problems since school started and all my loans and what not Cd's: Rock the house- (Uncle has it right not if you remember he introduced my to jjfp) Code Red jjfp greatest hits 2 big willie styles- couldnt find one and had to get another then found the other Willenium Born to reign Lost and Found I just bought today on ebay homebase used Soundtracks: Men in black I Wild Wild West Sharktale Singles: Switch one with video parents just dont understand by jjfp parents just dont understand one with nick cannon Wild Wild West Special Cd: OSCAR cLUB party cd from sharktale
  8. hey hero1 is it aight if we dont post the pics till friday or saturday cause i am at college and the cd's are at home i just have them uploaded?
  9. i always have classes at the wrong time!
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