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  1. I think early june, but it's just time to release tell me why. then during the summer it will be the time for pump ya brakes
  2. More than 20!! but I bought all their albums...( Rock the house is comin..) I have two different versions of the greatest hits,I think one is the uk version cuz it has all the singles of code red, I don't know... Now I've bought again homebase because my mother broke it, but this one hasn't the rmx of ring my bell! One question: how many version of lost & found are released? mine has comin' to the stage as bonus track and switch rmx with elephant as hidden track
  3. The italian version has comin' to the stage as bons track and switch reggae rmx as hidden track
  4. We think the same things!! I think those trax have to be singles!! But I prefer Pump Ya Brakes instead of party starter
  5. I voted right now... Lost & found is #1 and Mr Niceguy is #3
  6. Right,the albumis amazin.... My favourite track now is Loretta, but I like all the trax. The only track I skip is party starter, I don't know but I don't like it
  7. Ok done!! but i'd like to vote for Girl!! that song is really good
  8. Try with I WANNA ROCK.... My friends go crazy!!! :rock:
  10. only 1 thing: In volume 2 change I can't stop with so fresh!!! I can't stop is his worst song... it's only my opinion but I can't stop sux
  11. ops.. I forgot something......
  12. Kanye West - Slow jamz.......... :music: :rock: :drunk:
  13. Yo Men! This site made me understand what hip hop is!!! I was involved only in will smith stuff... Now thanks to you all, I think I am a Hip Hop lover! i know everything about JJ+FP, I listen to a lot of old skool artists and new skool but now nobody can say me what is good or bad!! thanks to u I can understand, without thinking to what people Likes... This board is my second company!! and I'm proud to be a potna too!! I think I'm the first italian member to be a potna... I'd like to be more continous in posting but it's difficoult cuz of my work, but It's ok! and this board makes me improove my English that isn't too good yet.. I love you all!!!
  14. Someone helps me!! I need 2 videos: I wanna rock and So fresh.... My god, I've seen now on singingfool they are pure Hip hop!! So fresh video is a present for old-skool rap, I LOVE THAT VIDEO!!
  15. Jazzy Jeff - For da love of da game!!!!!!!
  16. Man I don't know who wrote this but It's very OK!!!! Track by track
  17. :cwm: :hilarious: :cwm: :hilarious: U incredible AJ :beer:
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