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  1. alright I'm confused. What is Party Starter number 3 of on MTV. Is it an actual show or something online?
  2. best song on B2R is hands down block party, with maybe tonight following a close second. I use to like I Can't Stop but got sick of it very quickly. These days I listen to track 1 and 2 and skip directyl to block party for the rest of the album.
  3. Yeah I read somewhere he claims he beat Eminem years ago and has the video to prove it.
  4. I was listening to some live performances on Winamp the other day of Kanye West and I noticed a new video they had of him featuring another rappers upcoming album. The name of the rapper is Rhymefest and I am loving this song. Apperantly this is the same rapper that penned the first verse of Jesus Walks. Anyway check it out. Good stuff. Tell me what you think. Also, is it me or does the computerized video style remind you of the Party Starter music video? http://music.yahoo.com/ar-7325215---Rhymefest
  5. Why don't we focus on trying to get Party Starter to the top 10 in Launch. It may not be TRL, but it is th most popular music video website on the net. If we can get it to the top ten there for a week, that will get the song some exposure, and it might be easier than getting the video onto TRL.
  6. Alright, I decided to start a new thread to make it clear that Party Starter is available for voting now on TRL's website. Lets get started.... http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl/vote/ You can vote more than once!
  7. I'm catching up in championships myself. I keep getting the high score in Sonic but it won't let me submit. Does anyone know how?
  8. Good news everyone... Party Starter now has 640 spins. This is the highest its gotten so far and was a 26 spin jump from the other day. This also marks the first time party starter has goten 615 spins or more since it peaked at 615 about two and half weeks ago. So the song is on the rise... lets hope it continues with the TRL debut.
  9. This site really is great. Thanks for everything you do Tim
  10. that ain't me :word: i past all the levels :1-say-yes: ← Well If it took me an hour of holding down space to get 27000, then getting above 40,000 playing normally would take somewhere around 8 hours of straight gameplay.... C'mon you can come clean I'm not saying you did anything wrong, the game itself was not programmed very well. But it shouldn't be a top score type game if there is a bug like that. Besides you have other high scores to beat, like my pac man score... :gettinjiggywitit: I'm countin on you to give me a good challange :thumbsup:
  11. I like the new mod features but I just got the high score in the second PacMan game and it gave me an error :damnyou: Also the Vlax game should be taken off the Arcade group. The way everyone gets the high score is by holding down the space key for an hour or so. The only other note I have about the arcade is does anyone know how to submit the sonic game scores. I always get a good score but there is no way to submit :shakehead:
  12. Good to hear. things are starting to look up. By tommorrow Party Starter could have a new record spin high as well, after drop 100 spins last week and climbing back up.
  13. This could be really good news. Launch tends to release an artists older videos when they are going to feature them for the month. Lets keep our eye on the site and hope for something good.
  14. Ah I missed the PacMan tourney... thats my favorite game :) Well nobody practice too hard, I gotta hard score to keep :yeah:
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