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  1. I am soooo glad you wrote that. I was actually thinking that those quotes by FP were for real. I couldn't let myself believe will and jada would ever do that. I am very glad that those quotes are bogus, and which makes me think, is someone jelous of Will so they make up false crap about him? wow, some idiots :nhawong: It still makes me kinda mad that people believe these lies about him. :thumbdown:
  2. Yo Tim, I took the boards old header and made it into a banner. Ya'll can use this if you want.
  3. That Funky Fresh Prince I know FP will always be a kid at heart, which is a good thing.
  4. Sure, I haven't heard that. I would like to check that. haha That is a great song, because its so different. I kinda like it.
  5. So in past pople were posting much more then nowdays?.... wow Well, like Cookie said, Jazz's board is kinda deserted right now. So we should try to post there more to show our support.
  6. What do ya'll think of this box set? I am thinking about buying it sometime. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...oduct&id=182917
  7. I had to go with He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. That was a very tough choice, because I really like The Magnificent and Jazzy's Groove a lot. Those three songs are all sweet, but I pick He's the DJ because I like everything about that song. It has Jeff ripping the wheels and Will going off, rapping fast, with tons of def ryhmes. They are both amazing on that song.
  8. I was just watching old highlights of NBA Dunk Contests, including the 86 contest where Spud put on a show, and the 95 contest. In the beggining of the 95 NBA Dunk Contest, when they annoucers introduced the players names, Boom Shake The Room was being played over the loud speaker :speaker1: :2thumbs: They also played Boom during a few of the first dunks. It kinda surprised me cause I was just watching it, and all of a sudden I hear that familiar song. Also this year or last year, when I went to a Minnesota Timberwolves NBA game, they played Boom Shake The Room over the loud speaker too. Wow, I think its tight that they played a song over the loud speaker that they used at the NBA Dunk Contest 11 years ealier. How many hip hop/rap songs can you name have done something similar at a sporting event? I doubt there is that many out there. I just thought I would just share this with ya'll :kool:
  9. Thanks guys. Do you know any of their albums I should check out?
  10. where can you buy that? bestbuy.com? ebay? please let me know. thanks Is this the dvd?
  11. :rofl: someday it just might kick in :bat: lmbo... YALL are just SO bad... hahah peace, cookie I know what you mean kb. I wish I would grow taller too. :thumbdown:
  12. where can you buy that? bestbuy.com? ebay? please let me know. thanks
  13. :word: Now that I look at it, that drawing would make a cool graffiti artwork. Good job Johnny.
  14. I was only trying to be helpful, geez :worried: :kekeke: No its cool. I need constructive critisim to get better. You gave me some good tips that helped my drawing Prince. You showed me a lot of things I didn't notice, like JJ's baseball hat. Thanks for the help :2thumbs: oh heck. Now I'm confused. lol. I dont draw with pencils too much, I just know that i like the texture of the softer leaded pencil. haha. whichever one that is... :lolsign: abt the contest.. i agree with you Bart. i think instead of having a 'contest' , everyone who likes to draw, ... should just draw and share their work with us, that is always interesting. I'm an artist, so I love to see ppls creativity... Timboat, you did a really great pic in pastels of Will a coupla years back,,... that was in your sketchbook, I think it was either with a red cap or red throwback... can u share that with us...i know I got it saved on disc somewhere, but I really loved how u captured Wil's essence in that pic, and it looked rich with the colour,...can u share that with us again???? :2thumbs: peace, cookie :word: I agree. Anyone that likes to draw, should just draw for the fun of it, and share it with everyone here. If we had a contest, it wouldn't be that fun because everyone would just want to go for a prize. I too, love seeing other people's creative art work. Its all a learning process. I really appreciate all the nice compliments. Thanks!! All of you inspire me to get better too.
  15. When I started listening to JJFP, I realised for the first time how dope hip hop and DJs are. I love listening to JJFP, and I do almost every day. But I was wondering if there was any other def ol skool hip hop groups that I should check out. So let me know some of your favorite hip hop groups/DJs that I might like listening to. edit- I mean besides JJFP/DJ Jazzy Jeff haha
  16. I mean, the height of Jeffs folded arms above the mixer, the width and size of RRCs torso, the height difference between the top of WS and RRC's heads.--I have no clue what you are trying to say about Jeff's folded arms about the mixer and the width of RRCs torso. I think I did them right. I also think the prespective between WS and RRC's heads were correct also. In my drawing and in the picture, RRC's head is above WS's head, and the top of RRC's head is about level with JJ's chin. I think I did both those things correctly in my drawing. Look at the centre pin on the disc on the left - WS's shoulder does not extend beyond it, in your sketch it does.--I didn't notice this. When I look @ the picture with a ruler, the center pin runs about evenly with the end of WS's shoulder. In my drawing, WS's shoulder runs bout 3 cms past the center pin when lined up, maybe a lil more. Look at Jeffs head in your sketch, then compare to the photo. It looks to me as though you ran out of space (if you measured up beforehand, this doesn't happen), and just tried to squash it in. Compare the size of his head to that of RRC - I'm not sure what's happened there. You also missed out the baseball cap on his head, which maybe contributes to how deformed the head looks, or maybe it's because you ran out of space. -- I think Jeff's head shape might be a little off. I think it should be more rounded on the left side of his head. But I actually had plenty of room, and didn't try to squash his head in. I had a some trouble drawing the shape of RRC's head, and I know its a lil too big compared to JJ's head. Wow, since you mentioned JJ wearing a baseball cap, and I look back at the picture, I realise he is wearing a bb cap. I never even saw it. I always thought that curved line around his head was part of the JIVE sign in the background, so I think I am gonna fix that. Thanks for pointing that out. The use of tone dramatically improves a picture, you've elected to use flat shading which does nothing for it, and indeed just takes away from the overall image as a whole. Shading would make it look more 3D, and also you then wouldn't need to draw the noses like flaps.--I know my shading isn't that good. I need to work on it more. But I wouldn't exactly say my noses look like flaps.. So, I'd like to see you measuring it all up better (holding up your pencil to get angles and measurements is really helpful here), and using tone to help structure it better.--I am trying to measure things up more. I thought I did pretty good on measurements in this drawing, but I know a few things could have improved like RRC's head. I know I still need a lot of improvement in this area. Just my opinion, I want to be honest with you rather than just saying "dope work", because while praise is very nice, it gets you nowhere. Constructive critism is what gets you to move forward.-- I see where you are coming from. I know I need constructive critism to get better, and I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate my drawing. I think I am gonna edit put the baseball cap on JJ's head to make it look better. One more note. I am not so sure if a drawing comp. is such a good idea now. I think if we did a contest, their would be arguement of who should win and all that. I think it would be better if anyone who wanted to draw JJFP, would just post their drawings, like I do. That way we aren't just drawing to win a prize, but to have fun, and enjoy each others art work. Thanks Jazzy Julie, I agree that it is my best JJFP drawing so far.
  17. Yeah, I guess everyone kinda forgot about that. I am kinda second guessing this idea now.. Thanks for all the compliments.
  18. I haven't drawn in a while, but I like the way this turned out. Let me know what ya think. Thanks for looking. Picture I based my drawing after: From the He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper cd booklet.
  19. Yeah, we all need to start posting their more. Thanks for the heads up Cookies.
  20. THIS IS DOPE!!! Wow, this is a sweet song Johnny. Dude, nice job. This relates to basketball for me. Thanks dude.
  21. This thread probably should be in the caught in the middle section, but.. Happy New Year's to everyone and Happy aniversary to Will & Jada.
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