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  1. I ran into Ciara's myspace music profile and I was checking out her pictures. On one of the pictures she posted, Bow Wow is starting to touch Ciara's behind. Under the picture, Jada Pinkett Smith posted a comment "OMG! Bow Wow is So Nasty!". :lolsign: Link 2 picture/Jada's comment
  2. Ditto, but I haven't heard New kids on the block or don't fight the feeling. I also like Get Hyped a lot too.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I just downloaded Macromdedia Flash Player and the video works great. edit- actually, youtube still dosen't work for my comp. I guess MFP didn't get downloaded. Ah well.
  4. That video of the dude dancing is very funny. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. Can someone put that on rapidshare for me? I can't see youtube videos.
  6. Johnny, youtube videos used to work for me before I got Window Media Player 10. But after I got it, the videos on youtube.com don't work for me anymore. The vidos won't load. Do you know how I can view the videos? Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Thanks PeaceAngel!! Thats a def track for sure.
  8. I have Jazzy Jeff's vibe remix.. I've never heard of a soul remix tho... I haven't heard of Jazzy Jeff's vibe remix before. Is it any good?
  9. She had this friend named evette That wanted to double date cause she was liking Jeff But I showed up all alone Told her that Jeff was sick back at home I said I tried to call you But we can still double date Me plus your 2
  10. Are you sure? Theres two extended versions... the 14 minutes one that seem to have been for years, and the 20 min one that I think Jonny found last year. Yeah, the one up on the site is the 14 min. extension. It cuts off right as Will says "Ready Rock..." So if anyone has the 20 min. one I would definitely like to hear it.
  11. Got it Tim, I looked on that page before but didn't notice it. Thanks dude.
  12. :word: I know what you mean. Just today in school, I was sittin in class taking notes, and listening to Willenium on my mp3 player. My friend that sits behind me asked me who I was listening to. I turned around and told him Will Smith. He was surprised and said "ouch." Then a dude that sits next to me asked "Big Willie Style?" "No, but I have that cd." "His new cd?" "No, but I have that cd too." I felt a lil embarassed but I am glad I stood up for Will. I could care less about what anyone else thinks of WS, cause all that matter is that I love listenin to his music. Point being, you shouldn't diss other dude's favorite artists just because you think they are wack. It doesn't feel good when other people diss your favorite artists, thats for sure.
  13. Yo, if you have the 20 min. version of Live At Union Square, I would definitely like to hear it. I didn't even know there was an extended version. Thanks
  14. Muchas Gracias! I really like that song, I always like JJFP party songs. Thanks dude!! :kool2:
  15. TRR is to share music with everyone allowed on JJFP Rare Tracks. I defintely don't mind. Also if anyone has Get Hyped - JJFP, I would definitely like to hear it!
  16. I don't love lost and found. I liked the album, but its not even close to being as good as any JJFP albums in my opinion. Thats probably just because I like hearing Jeff scratch and Will flowing over a funky beat.
  17. JJFP - Family Christmas
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party: :jazzy: :mrt2: :Party_fest09: :dj: :bandana:
  19. I think that is a nice picture of you Lerkot :1-smile:
  20. My older sister, Larissa, works at Best Buy (an electronic store). She works in the management department. One of her friends at work was able to meet Will and Jada about 2 weeks ago. Her job is to buy cds and dvds from to put in their stores. So a lot of music artists that want their muisic in Best Buy stores meet her. Well, as you know, Jada is touring with her band, and they want to get their cds in Best Buy stores. So they went out to dinner with her and Will came along too. My sister's friend said Will was very nice. She is so lucky, she gets paid to go out to nice dinners with celebrites. Larissa was telling me I got to get that job someday :lolsign: I just thought I would share this with ya'll. Here is a picture of Will, Jada, Larissa's friend and the people my sister's friend works with (my sister's friend is the one with the with the short blonde hair and the jean jacket. (Sorry for the large picture)
  21. I will definitley want to see Rock 6. Also I saw Rambo 4 on there. I hope they do make a Rambo 4, cause the Rambo movie series is one of my favorites :mikelowery:
  22. I hope you have a great trip Tim. Be sure to check out the beaches too while you are down there :1-cool:
  23. That is just ... ... :switch: ... That is incredible!!! I really like how you put Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in there. Everything in there looks almost perfect. You must be very tired, cause you can tell you worked very hard on it all day. Keep up the AMAZING work!!
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