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  1. :yeahthat: :wickedwisdom: I like all of Will's solo albums (excluding Born To Reign cause I haven't boughten it yet), but in my opinion they aren't on the same level as JJFP albums. I like Lost And Found, but it isn't the same as hearing Jeff rip some funky beats with FP flowing over it.
  2. Wow. That is AMAZING. I think it is awesome. Everything on it is very detailed. I am surprised that you think you are terrible with hands, cause they look great. Its hard to find anything on it that needs that much work. I was wondering though, if those white dashes on the right side of her coat, about on her shoulder, were purposely put there or is it jus the scan? Just wondering. It looks very, very good. Also, who is Mrs. Coretta Scott King? I am not really familiar with her. Keep up the great work :2thumbs:
  3. I heard will hired Geffory to do all the cleaning and cooking :rofl: Just kidding.
  4. Yeah, I agree that they are hilarious together!! I like the time when Will and Jazz were dissin Carlton: Will- Roses are red, violets are blue, Jazz and I are black, but Carlton, what are you? Carlton- Oh, here we go again. Just because I dress differently and pronounce the -ings at the end of my words, dosen't make me any less black then your are. Jazz- No, its the tie that does it. :lolsign: Man, they do have great chemistry together.
  5. Wow. Thats a very good video. :2thumbs:
  6. Well I have, but it isnt as much now that im getting older That really sucks. No one has the right to do anything like that to someone. I really hope that you never have to experience anythin like that again. :therain:
  7. I would definitely like to hear suggestions for good albums to buy too. Thanks.
  8. Kel wrote this in his profile: He’s a public speaker and ghostwriter for artists such as Nick Cannon, MC Lyte, Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley and Will Smith Whats up with that? :hmm:
  9. Thats pretty deep stuff to rap about. Wow. I hope you haven't experienced any child abuse like that. I know its reality though. :thumbdown:
  10. That is an awesome video Jonny!!! Thanks for putting it up on rapid share!!
  11. No!! I can't see you tube videos. If anyone can upload it for rapid share for me, I would appreciate it!! Thanks
  12. I would have to say Jazz, but Carlton is hilarious too.
  13. Thats cool. Thanks for sharing. :2thumbs:
  14. No offense, but some of your posts are annoying. But no need to write a diss and start beef, even if the rhymes are funny.
  15. It's from Rock the House ok thanks. I am just about to bid on Rock The House on ebay.
  16. Which album is "Don't Even Try It" from? I don't think I have heard that track yet.
  17. :rofl: :rofl: Those are hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!
  18. I would imagine they've seen each other dozens of times since 1996... they definitely have in the last year, BET Awards and the show in Atlanta Cookies went to!... Thats sweet. I would think that they would be kind of friends. Thanks.
  19. I know, I just heard about it. I am really like that deal. Hopefully the wolves will start winning now that they unloaded the kandi man.
  20. Wow. That was VERY good. I really liked your selection of pictures. You definitely should be proud of that video. :2thumbs:
  21. Here ya go. http://rapidshare.de/files/11907541/10_Bas..._Jones.wma.html Thanks dude!! I really appreciate that!
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