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  1. WOW. Thanks for this def video!! I think that is a great music video. I am gonna put it on my profile on myspace.com :2thumbs:
  2. Man I really like this song!! :2thumbs: It has a sweet beat, and Jeff has some sic cuts. A melo calm song with some sweet cuts = a great song. Thanks again for sharing!!
  3. Yo Thanks Jim!! Its gonna take an hour and twenty minutes for me to download it though. I don't care though cause I know these tracks are dope!! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!
  4. Yeah, that would be cool to see will and jada on the big screen together. That would be tight!!
  5. Happy Bday dude!! I hope ya had a great day! I still have to wait for a year and a half to turn 18.
  6. Sweet!! Pat Riley is a sharp, good coach. He deserves some respect for what he did in LA even though they had great players.
  7. Agreed ^^^ Joe, you totally destroyed him. Joe wins 3 votes to 0.
  8. Wow. That must have been a GREAT experience. I am glad you had loads of fun. Too bad JJFP were too busy to meet you though. But it sounds like you had the time of your life :pony: Also I would like to see the pastel portrait you did of Will. I know you said you didn't want to give it to him because you thought it wasn't good enough for Will Smith, but I am 100% sure it is definitely good enough for Will. You portraits are so amazingly good, its not even funny Seriously though, I know Will will definitely love it. Thanks for sharing your JJFP live experience and those sweet pics. I hope you have the chance to give him the portrait in person sometime.
  9. dude, this sux, because when I downloaded the folder, it wouldn't let me open it because it said it was zipped. Now it won't let me try and download the file again. If someone could re upload it again I would really appreciate it!!
  10. yaeh i konw waht you maen. i hvae hared of tihs bofere too, its knida cool thuogh.
  11. I think the concert wasn't broadcasted because of what all the board members are saying. I was mad last night because my internet wouldn't work. I was thinking bout how JJFP was rocking on stage while I was chilling at home :paperbag: . Oh well I guess it was fine because they didn't broadcast it anyways. Can't wait to hear what cookies has to say bout the concert. Also those pics are sweet
  12. Yeah that sure happens a lot when people try to register. Keep trying and it will eventually work. I think since some many people use that site, that can't process every form at once. It happened to me, but then I tried it again and it worked.
  13. Thanks for sharing hero!!! I will definitely check that out tonight. :thumbsup:
  14. Yo Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, I would just like to say you guys are by far the best rap/hip hop duo ever. Period. There is no comparison to your music. I just got into JJFP this year, but it feels as if I have been a long time fan cause I listen to your music daily. Its kinda funny cause I never really liked to listen to music that much before I got into both of yours. My cuz gave me 2 of your cds, Big Willie Style and Willenium, and I have been hooked since. I have been trying to catch up with buying all of your albums. My favorite album so far is Hes The DJ, I'm The Rapper. Every single song on that album is fresh. I think its AWESOME you guys still preform together after all these years, and are still true to the game even though the hip hop culture has changed so much. I hope some day I will be able to meet both of you, and see you live in concert. You are both role models to me. Also I thought I would let ya'll know, Fresh Prince of Bel Air is my all time favorite tv show. Both of you are HILARIOUS on FPOBA. One more thing, you guys need to come out with a new JJFP album. Your solo stuff is GREAT, but please give us fans a brand new album of pure JJFP, ol skool style. That would be dope!! Keep doin your thing and I hope you both have a great christmas. Your fan 4 ever, John Bartholomew Stillwater, Minnesota
  15. Welcome dude. This is a great site for all JJFP fans!!
  16. I am a religious person but the way you made everything sound like a sappy puppy love movie :rofl: :rofl: I don't think its a good idea to spread the word on a measage board that has nothing to do with religion. It just dosen't belong here, this board is for JJFP/Will Smith fans to come and make friends and have fun. It doesn't matter what your preaching, its just not the place for it. I can see why did this but I think you aren't gonna have much impact on some random measage board because most people just find stuff like your post hilarious :rofl:
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