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  1. That was awesome!! I really liked that cause KDWB is my local radio station. Thanks!!
  2. Nice man :rockon: I still need to get Rock the House.
  3. Yo, I just checked out your profile, and I found your site. WOW!! :bowdown: :2thumbs: :jusmindyabizness: You weren't kidding bout being an artist. All your art work is tight!! The Kevin Willis and Jazzy Jeff pieces are amazing. I also read you made a portrait of Dominique Wilkins. He is one of my favorite NBA players of all time. I would love to see it if you have a picture of it. Thanks for the compliment also cookie. Thanks for all the compliments everyone!!! I really appreciate all of them.
  4. Just something I worked up over the past few days off of school. Thanks for looking. Hero1- I got the JJFP live dvd. Thanks dude. Its tight. The picture I based my drawing after: :jazzy:
  5. Sorry for the stupid question, but how do you make the video play? What do you do to download or play videos off google video?? haha I have no clue, cause I have never used google video before.
  6. Sweet photo Wes. Good luck with all your games.
  7. Has the comissioner heard of "The Freedom of Speech"??
  8. Dang, I didn't know the auction ended so soon. Nope, I didn't win it. Oh well, I am gonna try to win a JJFP auto some other time I guess.
  9. Thanks DevilsJim for the sweet picture. That is awesome that he beat 50 cent!! :2thumbs:
  10. What?? I don't get why he would dislike Code Red. How was he tryin to be something he's not?? Sorry, I just don't understand dude. I have no clue, though, to what cd he made that he didn't like, cause I like all of his cds that I've heard so far.
  11. Thanks Funky Fresh Chick. I think I am try and win that auction.
  12. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :2thumbs: Thats awesome that he won!!! Wow. :yeah: Fresh Prince earned that award. I liked that he gave props to Jada, and all his fans. :rofl: Bow Wow looked dumb up there. He was actin like he was all gangsta and all. FP clapped for him though.
  13. yeah, thanks for trying to post the link even though it didn't really work. There is something werid with that page. So I decided to just post a pic of it for everyone. Sorry for all the inconvenence.
  14. Sonic, I sent you a pm with the url to the auction. I know boom shake the room is out on cd, but I was asking if the autos on this boom shake the room cd from the auction are real. Thanks. Also, I will try to just post the url one more time below: EDIT: dang, it still dosen't work because the link automatically adds in a few ... because it is too long of a link. If anyone wants the url, quote my post, copy and paste the url from inside the link below, and check out the auction. http://cgi.ebay.com/Signed-Will-Smith-BOOM...1QQcmdZViewItem
  15. EDIT: I just decided to post the pic. Are those autos real? What do ya'll think? :shrug: I am just wonderin cause I want to get an auto of JJFP someday. Their signatures are dope :2thumbs:
  16. 1st of all, why is david stern trying to control what every player in the league does? I agree players shouldn't use the "n word" in front of the cameras and on the court. But why should they be fined if they are off the court, traveling with their team? I am not supporting the "n word", but it just kinda seems kinda dumb. Well, I don't think this will effect the league too much, some guys will just use any language they want, cause they are rich and don't care if they get fined. But they can get suspended for repeated offenses?? I think that is a little extreme, but whatever gets the measage through. It kinda made me laugh when I read what Iverson had to say bout this. hahahha. Thanks for sharing Big Ted.
  17. Thanks for sharing. Thats awesome that they put Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince as a part of the 80s. :thumbsup:
  18. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...7D1C9E352481282
  19. This is dope. I was able to order Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince LIVE in concert dvd after all!! I just had my mom use her credit card. I can't wait to get it. Thanks Hero!!
  20. Thanks for the compliments Angel Amor, SEALK, cristigolo, Turntable, and Jonasdk!!! I really like drawing JJFP. I think I am gonna start drawing JJFP a lot more often and I will share any drawings I do of them. Thanks again for the nice comments and compliments!!
  21. That t-shirt is tight. WOW. :thumbsup:
  22. :iagree: The 90s fashion was awesome. I decided to post a pic of me in my room. I am only 16 haha.
  23. Thanks. Actually, I just cut the code red pic out of the cd booklet. I think the reason it looks bigger is I took the picture up close with my digital camera. Thanks for all the compliments you guys!!! I appreciate every one of them!! :thumbsup:
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