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  1. Edit: my bad already posted. Amazing sampler tho!
  2. Yoo haven't been around here in awhile but i thought I'd see whats good with the JJFP fam and share this. About to give it a listen, I heard they killed it.. http://www.zshare.net/download/7812383398e1ca5f/ Edit Skillz is apart of this too! Verry dope!
  3. Hell yeahhh good share AJ, gotta love the original **** the way that Pac envisioned it.
  4. Cause people mad at his success... For the record, i've never left a WS movie feeling confused.
  5. Yelling never solves anything.. Too many spammers on here nowadays :hissyfit:
  6. I heard he doesn't even write his verses at all, just freestyles everything I can believe that cause my roommate is good enough to freestyle tracks out too with ease, but he chooses to write. I give him props for his hustle, but I can't listen to his music without laughing at how ****** up he sounds or how bad his lyrics are..
  7. Sickkk beat, really liked the way you organized the samples. Fits common's vocals perfect!
  8. Thats tight Brakes!! Glad to hear you got copies of your album to them, get it in the right hands. Sounds like a fun ass night
  9. Good looks on the album suggestions, both of these look ILL!
  10. You obviously missed when Lerkot dropped a song over the Jiggy beat. I remember...he had a nice home made video to go with it too..
  11. Thats too bad...AI's story has sorta been a sad one since he's never been on a decent team, but he needs to step up be a leader again, not a cry baby...looks like his career is winding down unless he gets signed to an actual contender..
  12. Looks like FP will have his hands full for a good minute...
  13. AMAZING...nuff said. The God is backkk...
  14. hahaha Em better at DJ Hero then Jeff???? Not in this lifetime... I need to get my hands on this game soon! Looks off the chain..
  15. Look at all the positive comments about Will under AHH...goes to prove that people want a new album from him..
  16. Wow that would be such an amazing experience, I'm jealous lol...
  17. Thats awesome! Cool to see how far the site has come...
  18. Watched the whole thing, greeaattt show!! So many dope performances.
  19. Don't really think 'The Simpsons' are looking for attention after 20 years to be honest. Yeah I know, don't get me wrong the Simpson's have always held it down. But I think that putting a character from their show on the cover of Playboy is their way of getting their name back in the news, when all the attention lately directed towards the Cleveland Show and Family Guy. They want to stay current in order to be compete with other shows out today.
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