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  1. I would have to say Bow Wow. Not only did he diss Fresh Prince, he looked so stupid while he preformed at the American Music Awards. He was trying to look gangsta :rofl:
  2. Tim, I kinda think its funny that you started this thread, but never posted your shadow dream. :rofl: Lets hear it dude.
  3. Wow, I didn't even recognize him at first. He is a good dancer. Thanks for sharing this, its a pretty good commercial.
  4. :lolsign: :lolsign: I have this song on cd, its hilarious. Thanks for it though :rofl:
  5. I used like weird al's music a lot. But I haven't really listened to his music in a long time. I think his stuff is hilarious. He definitely should have more popularity. Thanks for the song. I am downloading it now.
  6. Thats awesome tim!!! Congrats!! Keep doing making them. You are spreading the word of JJFP to everyone that will listen. Hopefully the podcast will keep their popularity. :2thumbs:
  7. Yo, I know this post is a lil late, but.. I got: Kevin Garnett Highschool Jsy Hombase :2thumbs: MP3 Player (Just got all my JJFP/Will Smith/Jazzy Jeff songs loaded up tonight) 3 Dvds Candy Subscription to Sports Illustrated 2 Garfield comic books Some other stuff ya'll wouldn't be interested in hearing
  8. :rofl: That last part was kinda funny. "get my girlfriends ...ect" :rofl: Nice Dude, that is a great goal to play ball for UConn. Thats a good basketball college. Good luck making the team dude!! I just hope to play college ball for any D1 or D2 team.
  9. Do you like my sig Tim? :2thumbs: My shadow dream is to play in the NBA. I know its an unrealistic dream, but that is a dream I am not gonna give up. I am definitely going to play basketball my whole life, even if I don't make the NBA. Playing basketball is one of my favorite things to do. Sorry, I forgot to login. My bad, but that was me.
  10. Wow. Nice catch!!! Thats cool that he was in an episode.
  11. Calm dow dude. JJFP will release something soon enough. I think it would be the best if they made a new album with ol skool flavor, and the human lyndrum, Ready Rock C!! If will and RRC would sit down together, forgive/forget their past problems, and become friends again, I am sure he would be part of JJFP again. I know if they just talked again, they would be able to work things out. I would love to hear Jazz scratchin, RRC beatboxin, and Will flowin on the same record again. JJFP would be back and ready to take off again. I doubt this would ever happen, but that would be def. If that never happens, I just hope JJFP will bring back the ol skool together and make atleast 3 + albums. Like Tim said, we can always have hope. I just wish FP & RRC would be friends agian, and make some records like Rock The House again. RRC & FP were dope together.
  12. :wickedwisdom: Yeah, that song is dope! I really like the music video. It has a great beat and a smooth groove.
  13. My favorite is definitely Hes The DJ, I'm The Rapper.
  14. I know its a tough decision, but I would like to hear your top 5 favorite JJFP songs. If you can't decide, just list a couple of JJFP songs you have been listening to the most lately. You can also put in Jazzy Jeff and Will's solo music too. Sorry if something like this has been posted already. I thought this was a good idea, because I saw your most favorite track thread was posted, but this is your top favorites. Also you don't need to list them in order and you can add a small honorary list for songs that you deserve mentioning too. Here is my list out of everything I have heard so far: Rock The House So Fresh Potnas I Am Looking For The One (To Be With Me) Jeff Waz On The Beat Box Honorary mention: Jazzy's Groove Hes The DJ, I'm The Rapper Something Like Dis
  15. Is summer really starting for ya already?? Its 33 degrees out where I live.
  16. Why would anyone buy them if the could just get them for free?? :word: Don't download, go out and buy the record.
  17. "Your Gay!!" ohhhh no he didn't :rofl:
  18. Yo, I just became a contributing member, so I would really appreciate it if you could re upload this. Thanks dude.
  19. I am glad some people haven't seen it. I think its a dope commercial :2thumbs:
  20. Dang, I thought it might have been posted. It said I had the wrong area code or something like that and it said please hang up and try again. That would have been sweet if it would have worked ;)
  21. Yo, I found this ol skool JJFP commercial while searching fresh prince videos on yahoo.com. Check it out! Just dial 1-900-909-Jeff. I think I am gonna try to call this rap hot line just to see what would happen :2thumbs: I wonder what the old hot line was like back in the day. Its cool that Ready Rock was on there too. Links: link to video link to page that has the video on it
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