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  1. Thanks for all the advice and stories. It seems like a lot you can relate. I was going to hide PE from my dad, but I couldn't cause I had to show him the albums that I bought. I guess my solution to my problem is to just apologize to my dad, and let him know that I won't buy any albums with a PA sticker on it. I will just wait until I move out to start buying albums with the sticker on it. Until then, I can just download PA tracks that I like off itunes and stick to buying clean albums. But one thing that my dad said to me that really makes me mad is this: "This is the reason why I didn't like you getting into rap. You are headed down the wrong path." My dad said something like that. I don't listen to bad hip hop or anything either, which is why that comment is so far off. I knew atleast someone would reply "Parents just don't understand." hahaha Thats what I would have said too. I know that they are just trying to look out for me, but I wish they could let me make my own decisions and trust me not to listen to anything that I knew was wrong.
  2. Well, today I went out and bought 3 albums: Run-DMC - Tougher Than Leather A Tribe Called Quest - Anthology Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions When I got home, my bro told my dad that I bought some albums. My dad demanded to see the covers, and he quickly scans through them and found the sticker on PE. He gets all ticked off after that. My dad hates hip hop, and doesn't understand it at all. He said that PE is all about black power, and that PE is a bunch of gangsters with negative message. My dad read over the lyrics in the booklet, and said there wasn't much swearing but it was bad music. I tried to tell him that it is good music, and that it is politcal rap with not much swearing in it but he still confescated my album. He told me that PE was all about black rage and inner city ghetto expressing themselves, and it was all about killing cops & stuff :shakehead: He asked me why that kind of music appealed to me, and told me that he was dissapointed in me. I was very mad at my brother for telling him that I bought some albums (because I knew this would happen), and at my dad. I told my dad to just throw the album out cause I would just not rather talk to him about it (but he is saving it to show it to my mom, who had to go a funeral) and that I am going to listen to that music when I move out. I reget buying it now, and I still have it on my computer (which my dad already knows but didn't tell me to delete it). Have any of you been in a similar situation before?
  3. That was amazing dude. Wow. Very well put together. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Alright, I was just wondering. Man, JJ is really keeping busy this year. I can't wait to buy those new albums he is going to release :2thumbs:
  5. If that is a legit source, that is some amazing news. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for the article. Good read.
  7. All this talk of a new JJFP album is getting me hyped. But what I can't get over is that they wrote Hes the DJ in 2 weeks! Wow. If they can produce that high of quality of music in 2 weeks, what could they make in 2 months? I really like how JJ wants to get back the vibe he had with Will. Now I just wonder when Will will wake up and realize that its time to make a new JJFP album, with a lil taste of the ol skool.
  8. Both of those are sweet, but I really like that 2nd one the most. It looks very professional. :2thumbs:
  9. Yeah, its cool to mix it up once in awhile, but I don't exactly that hair style either. He won't be bald for awhile (if he is going to go bald), because he isn't even older than 40 yet.
  10. I can see the video. Its awesome. How would I use window media recorder? I have windows media, but have never heard of that.
  11. Wow, that book sounds dope. I definitely am going to try to pick that up. Thanks for sharing AJ! :1-cool:
  12. :rockon: Happy Birthday AJ!
  13. I bet he has a significant other, cause remember, he is the man who blessed FP with his smooth :1-cool:
  14. You had some nice rhymes in there. I liked: Don't mess with the freshest rapper, new to the game// Once I've done my thing, I'll be known, with fame// But whats up with this? As a fresh boy, rappin' is easy// Man, diss me? I will squeze thee// :kekeke: Nice party track dude.
  15. I am surprised more people like Big Willie Style over Code Red. I guess a lot of people on this site like solo Will Smith stuff over JJFP stuff.
  16. Edit- My favorite would probably have to be Ice Trey.
  17. I like a good fight :willvspaparazzi: :tednmax:
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