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  1. I think it is just for movies, but I'm not sure. If I had that much money, I would buy a sweet car, an ipod, and a lot of hip hop albums. Then I would give a lot of the money to church/other charities. With the rest of the money, I would hold onto a couple hundred and put the rest of it in the bank.
  2. http://moneycentral.msn.com/content/invest...72.asp?GT1=7919 Will Smith Age: 37 Earnings: $35 million* Whether portraying a love doctor or a rebellious teen, Will Smith continues to keep his fans entertained. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star can sing, dance and act--and earn millions doing it. Coming up, Smith will play a struggling salesman in a drama from Columbia Pictures. 2005 Income: Jennifer Aniston 37 $18 million Drew Barrymore 31 $22 million Sandra Bullock 41 $10.5 million Tom Cruise 43 $31 million Matt Damon 35 $17 million Johnny Depp 42 $37 million Cameron Diaz 33 $13 million Will Ferrell 38 $40 million Jennifer Garner 33 $14 million Patricia Heaton 47 $9 million Nicole Kidman 38 $14.5 million Jennifer Lopez 36 $17 million Tobey Maguire 30 $32 million Brad Pitt 42 $25 million Julia Roberts 38 $8 million Ray Romano 48 $36.5 million Adam Sandler 39 $28 million Will Smith 37 $35 million Denzel Washington 51 $30 million Naomi Watts 37 $11.5 million Wow. Now thats alotta dough. I wonder what anyone could ever do with 35 mil. What would you do with the 35 mil. if you earned that much this year?
  3. Dope track. I found it on itunes and thought I would share it. http://rapidshare.de/files/16099167/The_Ne...vement.wma.html
  4. Did you guys have to unzip the folder once you downloaded it? When I downloaded it, the folder was zipped. How do you unzip a folder? Thanks
  5. Whoomp! There it is - Tag Team
  6. Jonny uploaded it a while back. Its on YouTube as well... Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHPApk4a4TQ...ch=jazzy%20jeff :2thumbs: Youtube doesn't work for my computer, but thanks anyways though.
  7. Yeah, my math teacher showed my class this in school. His artwork is dope!
  8. HAPPY B-DAY :gettinjiggywitit: :pony: :rockon: :party: :drunk: :jazzy: :w00t: :mrt2: :strip: :whew: :kool: :Party_fest09: :dj: :kool2: :woot: :1-cool:
  9. Thats dope that you got the extended version, and at such a bargin price too. :wickedwisdom:
  10. Most certainly yes. It was a huge hit, and its a legendry song. Thats cool, thanks for the info dude.
  11. I have Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick http://rapidshare.de/files/15714640/Hip_Ho...i_Dadi.mp3.html Did you guys download the track with DJ Jazzy Jeff in it called "Da Rebirth"? Someone posted it in JJFP Rare tracks a little while back. Anyways, there is a verse in that track where the MC says "And everbodies favorite song was La Di Dadi." Is that the same song as you posted Big Willie? I would think that it is. Also, thanks for posting La Di Dadi.
  12. THANKS FOR THIS!! Its awesome! :2thumbs:
  13. As many have already said, I like both party and serious styles of his music. But I think he should do whatever he feels like making. If he is feeling like doing some fun music, then he should go for it. But if he wants be more serious, then thats fine too.
  14. Wow. That picture of you and Jazzy Jeff is GREAT. Congradulations on meeting The Magnificent.
  15. :rofl: Thanks for sharing the interview.
  16. I might not be able to resist having my friend hit the BIN on it for me, so I can hit him back with the cash for it later. :1-cool:
  17. Link 2 Auction Now thats a dope poster. You even got the "Air Fresh" logo on the top left of the poster (even though it says Fresh Prince on the logo), which is from the FPOBA episode where will dreams he is in a commercial for "Air Fresh" gym shoes, where he is taking Isah Thomas to school 1 on 1. That poster even has "Maxin and Relaxin" on it. I just wish Fresh Prince would lose the overalls :rofl: I also think the poster would look better if FP was holding a basketball in his hand. I would buy the poster if I could afford it.
  18. Awesome pics!! I haven't seen 4 of those before. Thanks AJ :2thumbs:
  19. Awesome track Brakes and Ace. I think ya'll should definitely make another collaboration together!
  20. Yeah, it really sucks that Kirby died so soon. But get this. My dad went on a golf trip this weekend with his friends. One of my dad's friends was about to become Kirby's brother in law, because Kirby was gonna get married in a couple of months. My dad's friend is married to the sister of Kirby's future wife (well, atleast she was gonna be Kirby's future wife). So my dad's friend was very sad, and started crying when he found out that Kirby had a stroke and was dieing. That night my dad's friend only got 2 hours of sleep. I am sorry that was so hard to follow. Its just a very sad situation. RIP Kirby.
  21. :rofl: That made me think of the time where Will told Jeff that he was comfortable with his manhood to tell him he loved him :rofl:
  22. I agree with you AJ. I hate cussing too and I wish rappers could just take out the cursing. Rap probably wouldn't have such a bad image in some people's minds if there wasn't as much cursing in the ryhmes. I am glad that there are postive mcs out there though. I will support rappers that I like that have curses in their rhymes though too. Hopefully postive hip hop will become popular again soon, instead of the crap that is out there right now.
  23. Wow. That is AMAZING. You must have been in aww struck to meat the legend in person, and film him doing his thing up close. I am very glad that a true fan of JJFP could be honored like that. Thanks for the video and audio dude!! It will take nearly an hour for both to download, but its all good. Can't wait to check em out!
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