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  1. Yo Vipa, I was wondering what program you use to make your beats.
  2. Thats very cool. Thanks for sharing AJ.
  3. I also got the shirt. Dude, its definitely a great t-shirt. It has a very good quality to it. Thanks Tim!
  4. Old School - 2pac "What more can I say? I wouldn't be here today, if the old school didn't pave the way" "Ain't nothing like the old school" I love this track.
  5. Never seen a cover like that before, I like the originality they used on it.
  6. Great track dude, I really like Jazz Rap. That song is definitely one I'm gonna buy. Thanks for sharing.
  7. HAPPY B DAY DUDE! :gettinjiggywitit:
  8. :rofl: I've said it 1nce, and I'll say it again. You should be getting paid for writing reiviews. Even though I'm not a DMX fan, you made me want to check out the album.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4q5REnX27k...zzy%20hip%20hop I doubt anyone here has seen this video cause the title is missing most of Jeff's name :lol:
  10. Ya'll gotta check out this video: I'm a Dope Fiend - Jazzie Redd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnTv2ekf8JE&search=Jazz-Rap Its very similar to your song Luigie.
  11. So, would you recommend fruity loops? I'm trying to get into producing, and I am pretty sure I'm gonna buy FL sometime.
  12. Did Da Ace copy the name, "You Know My Steez", from Gang Starr?
  13. Get Your Groove On seems like a good song, but I don't think that the rest of that album is worth buying. I listened to some samples of it on Amazon.com, and from what I listened to, it didn't seem the best. Thanks for Get Your Groove On though.
  14. I thought my order went through too :shrug:
  15. Check this dude out: http://www.zippyvideos.com/883013941221373...rt_and_jam_one/ Its a video of DJ Qbert and a dude named Jam One. In the beginning of the video, it is just Qbert playing, but Jam One comes in and they both show their skills off at the same time. Its awesome.
  16. Wow! Bow Wow has such an amazing deal! $35,000 to see his cocky butt on stage, spitting rhymes he didn't write!
  17. H a P p Y b I r T h D a Y j U l I e !
  18. I watched that video a couple of times, and it is awesome. :dj:
  19. Man, how do you find all these awesome new interviews, all the time?! Thanks dude!
  20. Thats very true, it is all about the quality of music, but I would be disappointed if their names on the album cover wasn't DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.
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