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  1. Anyone have the So Fresh music video? I would really like to download that video so I can watch it whenever.
  2. He is my best friend/cousin :3-laugh3: Of course I'm going to be biased though, because we are very close. But I think he is a really good rapper. He is working on his first album right now. I might produce a little for his album. He and I are probably going to make a lot more hip hop together when we are older though, because he lives in Flordia right now, and I live in Minnesota.
  3. JJ spits some rhymes occasionally like on The Men of Your Dreams, but he is definitely not a rapper. Here is my list: Fresh Prince (all time favorite) Remix Common Sense Phife Dawg Q Tip LL Cool J Guru Rakim Flava Flav Chuck D
  4. "Hip Hop will always live on, as long as one person keeps it alive."
  5. Runnin - Pharcyde Country Grammer - Nelly DWYCK - Gang Starr Mass Appeal - Gang Starr Check The Technique - Gang Starr Jamboree - Naughty By Nature Run's House - Run DMC Together Forever - Run DMC They Call Us Run DMC - Run DMC Rock The Bells - LL Cool J Momma Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J Check The Rhime - ATCQ Get a Hold - ATCQ The Hop - ATCQ :hail: Scenario - ATCQ 1-2-3-4 (Sumpin' new) - Coolio Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio C U When U Get There - Coolio Notorious Thugs - Bone Thugs feat. Notorious BIG Tha Crossroads - Bone Thugs
  6. When the phone starts ringing, what happens when you answer it?
  7. Looks great Tim! Wow. I am definitely gonna pre order soon. :kool:
  8. Very good and true writing Tim. Myspace is becoming wack. I used to have an accout, but I deleted it cause some of my family members told me that I should because of all the bad stuff on there.
  9. Thats kinda cool. JJFP might have more fans then people think. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I think I know what you are talking about now. On the 2nd season, under the special feature, there is a bloopers feature, and they show all the times Jazz was thrown out of the mansion in season 2. Sorry though, I don't know how to rip that clip off my dvd. :3-laugh3: I just saw that episode. "Hey Mr. Banks, my tubby, judicial friend."
  11. That was a really good game. It was very close all the way up to the last shot. Man, I wonder what would have happened in OT if Jason Terry would have hit that 3. Wade definitely deserved the ring and the MVP.
  12. I guess thats something compeletly different and I have never seen that before. Sounds funny though :2thumbs:
  13. http://members.lycos.co.uk/knightmarefan/unionsquarefull.wma Its on the fan site under the multimedia page, but there is the link anyways.
  14. Its been posted before, but its a cool video :2thumbs:
  15. I know what you are thinking of. You are thinking of the episode where Uncle Phil throws Jazz out the door of the kitchen on to the patio. Except they aren't reminiceing about previous times that Jazz was thrown out. It is just showing the retakes that they had to do until Jazz finally got it to look right on camera. They had to do 4 retakes of that scene, and they showed the retakes at the ending credits. That was kinda funny but unfortunately I don't have that video.
  16. Congratulations on the shout out dude!! :thumbsup:
  17. This is hilarious! haha JJ is so amazing. Thanks dude!
  18. I think those rumors came from the fact that Will wanted to do some solo stuff while Jeff wanted to run ATOJ. So people who don't know them very well thought they split up and went their seperate ways as if they got into a fight or something. I bet that those "hurt feelings" Jeff expressed in some interviews were just misunderstood or something. Potnas was just a track dedicated to show that JJFP will always be together and how close they are. I don't know if you actually call it validation though.
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