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  1. Sounds cool, I'm gonna check that out. Thanks dude.
  2. Yo AJ, I just wanted to let ya know that I think you have a great taste of music. I have looked at the artists on your myspace profile a few times because I like finding new artists that are good. I would like to thank you for showing me some great artists dude.
  3. Yeah, its very cheap on amazon.com. I can't play rar files on my computer, so I'm gonna buy this album off amazon sometime.
  4. Woah...now that is how ya scratch. Thanks Tim.
  5. What songs are memorable for you or bring back memories for you and why? Tha Crossroads - Bone Thugs N Harmony - When I was just a lil kid, my sister would drive me around while blastin this song. Gettin Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith - When I was lil, I rember my cousin memorised it. He would rap it on the playground with me haha. Miami - WS - My sister had Big Willie Style when I was young, and I remember listening to this song before I loved hip hop while on a family vacation to Jamaca. Amish Paradise - Weird Al - I remember laughing so hard while listening to my friend's weird al songs haha. WILLENIUM (entire album) - WS - 2 memories - I remember listening to it on my cousins cd player before i was into hip hop, thinking it was GREAT. Other memory - This is the album that got me into hip hop. Summertime - JJFP - Obviously summer memories haha. Potnas & I Am Looking For the One (To Be With Me) - JJFP - They always brings back memories of my best friends. Basketball Jones - Barry White and Chris Rock - I remember I loved listening to this song on my cassette player while i was little. Lose Yourself - Eminem - Memories of playing basketball. Many other songs too.
  6. Now there is a die hard JJFP fan I wish I had a dream that good
  8. You can also order it off amazon.com too. I haven't ordered it, because I would rather buy it in stores.
  9. you know, the guy from kenan and kel... :wiggle: PSHHH.....I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow. This greatest hits album is dope. I like the remixes, very smooth and fresh. :wickedwisdom:
  11. Thanks dude! But I meant just the song "Moment of Truth", not the whole album haha. Thanks though. I am definitely going to buy the album. I hope my computer is able to open up this file. sorry man if ure havin trouble openin it use winrar to extract the files Yeah, it didn't work. But its all good. Thanks anyways.
  12. Major props dude!!! I really appreciate that.
  13. Thanks dude! But I meant just the song "Moment of Truth", not the whole album haha. Thanks though. I am definitely going to buy the album. I hope my computer is able to open up this file.
  14. There are 5 songs that I really want right now. I would appreciate it if anyone could upload any of these songs for me: Bone Thugs N Harmony: Notorious Thugs (Notorious B.I.G. featuring Bone Thugs N Harmony) Days of Our Livez Tha Crossroads Moment of Truth - Gang Starr (song) They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) - Pete Rock & CL Smooth I am going to buy the Moment of Truth album by Gang Starr and Mecca and the Soul Brother eventually, but I can't buy them right now. THANKS
  15. Rumor has it this dude once took an IQ test when he was in 7th grade. People say his still hasn't finished it. Luigie doesn't know how to the spell the words "this" or "the", so he just trys to spell them the best he can. Its all good though, once his mother stops holding him back from pre school he will probably learn how to spell them.
  16. Thats why its called loretta ville. Thats why real fans come here. Thats why I don't go on that site.
  17. Gread idea Tim :2thumbs:
  18. Trey makes non stop posts on this site cause he has no friends "off line". The only way he can make friends is online, because that is the only place that no one can see his ugly mug.
  19. fresh_from_sofias hero of all time is hero1.
  20. Tim secretely pays some proffessional dude to do all the creating and updating of this site/forum. Tim can barely type, let alone create this dope of website.
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