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  1. I know that it is a matter of opinion about which hip hop I think is good. What I was trying to say was that I am not embarrased to be a hip hop fan even though, in my opinion, there are plenty of rappers out there today that give rap/hip hop a bad name.
  2. I never seen that page before. Wow, that clip of Ready Rock C vs. Jazzy Jeff is awesome.
  3. I love these kinds of threads because it helps me find out about great hip hop albums.
  4. Thats great news. Thanks for sharing dude.
  5. Don't be embarrased to be a fan of hip hop just because there are a lot of crappy rappers out there today. Just don't listen to there music, and just listen to true hip hop that you like. When somebody asks me what music I like, I say something like "old school hip hop" or "true hip hop, not the crap rap out there by mainstream artists". I personally don't care what others might think when I tell them that I listen to hip hop, because I let them know that there actually is a lot of good hip hop out there that isn't full of cursing.
  6. Nope, I am pretty sure its William, because Will is short for William. But it might be just Will. I highly doubt that his real name is Willow, cause we would all know that if it was true.
  7. Did sombody say Michael Jackson?? :3-laugh3:
  8. I would buy it if it didn't look like a rip off deal. That would be a great t-shirt.
  9. Concept - Thanks for uploading it for me dude! Vipa - Wow, this mix is awesome. Keep up the good work.
  10. I would love to hear this, but my firewall on my laptop won't let me download for some reason. So can someone please upload it with rapidshare or yousendit? I would really appreciate it cause it sounds awesome.
  11. I love both styles of play. Streetball is about pulling off moves/tricks and dunking. NBA is all about playing together as a team to do one thing, win. Both styles of play take hard work and a lot of practice, so its not like streetball players are just players that dunk and dribble fast. But both styles are very different. Very rarely do And1 streetball players make it to the L, but Rafer Alston did and he is doing fairly well in the NBA. Rafer Alston aka Skip 2 My Lou is the whole reason why streetball players make a living. He is the reason And1 blew up, the reason why you can buy/watch the sickest streetball in your home (And1 Mixtapes). He is the main reason why there is an And1 Streetball Tour.
  12. GO BIG BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad the pistons are breaking up their championship team. Without the best defensive center in the L, the won't be the same. Billups and Rip shoulda taken a pay cut, in order to keep Big Ben.
  13. yeah i have it, ill try and upload it for ya when i get time...any particular host That would be great! If you could upload it with rapidshare, or yousendit, that would be fine. Thanks dude.
  14. ...i dont really know.. hahah i felt like it was time someone put out a good diss against him. im tired of all his tracks polluting the numero uno pages. Concept said he was tired of all of Da Triptic's audio threads polluting the numero uno pages, not just the first page.
  15. Grandmaster Caz - Get Down Grandmaster
  16. :switch: The only thing is at the end you wrote "diss rhyme" in the lyrics and on the track you spat "rap rhyme". Definitely a better diss 4 sure.
  17. cool :damnyou: why did i click on this thread?!?!?
  18. Calm down yall...its not the end of the world because one of the crappiest rappers out their is gonna produce for a legendary emcee. That would completely suck if 50 spits any rhymes on LL's album though. Lets not jump to conclusions just yet about LL joining "Good for nothing Unit".
  19. I would definitely love to see that video of the rap olympics that you have where Em gets beaten, and any other videos you have of the rap olympics. If you could upload any of the rap olympic videos, I would really appreciate it. I have never seen or heard of the rap olympics, but it sounds awesome.
  20. Slim Anus is the only funny track by ICP IMO :rofl: Da Triptic - I think your diss is kinda short and I can't understand a word that comes out of ya mouth.
  21. Yeah, that was great dude :rofl: Thanks for this!
  22. I can't wait to pick up this album. Thanks for posting ted.
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