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  1. Very cool pics. Great to see some old school stuff coming out.
  2. I have this on my genesis (also known as the megadrive) I gotta check that out! That's amazing!! I love NBA Jam!!!
  3. That's pretty crazy stuff man. Just keep a cool head AJ.
  4. It was definitely very very scary for me. Due to the unfortunate racism in this country, I honestly was waiting for a shot to ring out. I'm really glad that it didn't. I know my mom, who is catholic, remembers people saying that catholic could never become president and then we had Kennedy. And I remember the mentality of a black person never becoming president when I was a kid. It was never outright said, but when I would ask the question in school, there was always that vibe. But thankfully all that has changed. I just hope that he can live up to everyone's expectations. They are basically calling him another Kennedy, which is really hyping him up, and it would suck if this ends up hurting him in a year or two.
  5. It would honestly shock me if there isn't any news this year of a new album. Its just too long, he's only taken this long once.
  6. Damn, seeing that list makes me want to search for some rare JJFP stuff again.
  7. Its honestly a little shocking that its already been three years since his last album. Hopefully he'll release something really big again.
  8. Here is the band's myspace: http://www.myspace.com/notfromconcentratesskaband Befriend us and if you are in NYC for x-mas try to come and check us out, we are playing at Don Hills on December 20th.
  9. I know a song of his leaked on the internet, since I downloaded it, I've been waiting for the next album. Hopefully there will be a tour as well.
  10. Thanks for the b-day wishes. Today was really nice. I got the complete "Jeeves and Wooster" series box set, "The adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" box set. I also got a Beatles version of Monopoly from Jenna (my girlfriend), and she also gave me a set of k'nex, which was amazing!!!
  11. I just e-mailed the guy, and I we were booked. It was extremely easy. And yes they allow rap, they have a bunch of equipment. check out www.donhills.com
  12. I agree with you, Tim. I honestly didn't even notice some of those songs, most disturbing being "In da Club" obviously.
  13. That's pretty messed up. With any luck, Youtube will become straightened out. It seems that since the buyout, its been worse.
  14. The show was at a club here in NYC called Don Hills.
  15. Hey Guys, I think this is my first thread in this section. In all the years I've been a member. But anyway, I have a band. We did a show back on August 23rd and we did mainly covers and two original songs. Here are some pics for you guys to enjoy and some audio clips from the show. Unfortunately, the mixing is horrible, but that's live music for you. And for those of you who have forgotten what I look like. I'm the bass player. Our version of The Beatles - Helter Skelter: http://rapidshare.de/files/40566086/01_Hel...kelter.mp3.html
  16. Late as usual, but nonetheless: happy birthday :party:
  17. That's a very high quality shot, very nice camera.
  18. Not a bad list. Good to see De La Soul, Naughty by Nature and Slick Rick up there.
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