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  1. Its been a crazy weekend. Two celebrity deaths.
  2. I think the movie was very well made, I personally prefer it to I am Legend. I also liked that it made (me at least) think that Will was dead. I thought "Oh snap, two Will movies in a row and he's dead?" But I think it was also very funny, which is a rare thing is movies lately, so overall It was a good flick.
  3. It will be kinda weird to not see "god blessa" right above the stick figure anymore.
  4. sorry if this has been posted already, but this looks like a cool movie, and the soundtrack is really cool. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wackness
  5. If you pop your CD into Windows Media Player, just check out the composers column, that is a good way to tell. I think that most of his stuff is done with other people.
  6. Brett Ratner. I think he's an okay director. He was cool back when he was a film student at NYU, and Money Talks, as well as Rush Hour 1 and 3 were good, but since then his stuff has been not so good. Also, a cool little tid bit. He directed Heavy D's music video for "Nuttin But Love" You can see his wife in the video as well. But a Beverly Hills Cop 4 doesn't sound like a good idea. 3 wasn't that good, so who knows.
  7. I think it would be great for Will to do something similar to Jethro Tull. At their height, they would play Madison Square Garden, and also play smaller venues like rock clubs and medium size venues. I think Will Should do both. He really needs to connect with the fans again.
  8. That's really cool. It seems that you got to see Will and chill with some friends from the board. That seems worth it. Also, him signing He's the DJ is a decent hint that he should be doing music, when a fan comes to him with that record.
  9. to be honest, I'd prefer a new album with good songs, that can surpass the sales and popularity of BWS. I know it can happen, especially now, when it seems that what was old is now new again, he could really do well in these times in pop culture. If he did something really old school and made it good and had an actual tour. It would be great.
  10. That's pretty cool, and I'm glad there were no little side comments about Will.
  11. Man, I'm jealous of you guys. I've finally got free time to check the boards. I'm glad that some people are meeting up. I always thought a JJFP summit of some kind would be great.
  12. I remember a son leaking online about a year or maybe two years ago. I'm glad that nothing else has leaked, but I hope he tries doing things more in the style of thriller or off the wall as opposed to in the style of Invincible.
  13. Oy, Will Smith is number 8.....There are many worse rappers out there. He says that it was because he isn't controversial. You may as well put kid n play there, Run DMC, the beastie boys, They don't cause controversy either (at least not as much as other rappers)
  14. Best bet is African American, the name Smith sounds more like an Americanized version of a name from slavery times, I only hypothesize this because most people I know that are from the Islands have more ethnic names.
  15. I ended up getting this e-mail from my professor today: Dear Music faculty and students, I'm writing to inform you of some terrible news. Anthony Priolo, a Music pre-major who was in MUS 125 this semester, was killed a couple nights ago in a head-on automobile collision. He was coming back from rehearsing with his band, and another car struck him at 90 mph. Anthony, the driver, was killed instantly; miraculously, the other person in the car walked away unharmed. Anthony was generally very quiet, and I must admit that I barely knew him. All I knew is that he was a good student and that he intended to make music his career. But I imagine that some of you knew him better, or were friends with him or made music with him, and I can imagine how terribly shocking this awful news must be. For those of you who are personally affected by Anthony's passing, I extend to you my sincere sympathies. Even for those who didn't know him well, it's still a loss. It's always sad when someone dies -- but it's even sadder when the person is young and gifted, and when so much promise and hope is cruelly extinguished in a tragic instant. I will buy a condolence card and bring it in to MUS 125 class tomorrow at 10:10 for all of us to sign. If any of you would like to speak to a grief counselor, please don't hesitate to let me know. The details of the funeral mass, to be held on Friday, are in today's Staten Island Advance. Sincerely, Dr. Sylvia Kahan, Professor of Music I honestly didn't know him, maybe by face, but that would be it. I'm actually not in his class, but since I know there are a lot of musicians and artists here, so its really losing a member or the family in that sense.
  16. congrats on getting your song played, and hope your hand heals well.
  17. is it just me, or does it not seem that long. Maybe time is just passing quickly for me. I'm just hoping for some word on a new album, the trend is two to three years, with the longest gap being 4 years (Code Red to BWS).
  18. Very cool. You got good seats. Also interesting to know she plays a Yamaha. But that's just the music major in me.
  19. Nice, I've been waiting for another release from you for a long time. This is gonna be great.
  20. I second that motion. and for Julie: I clicked thinking it was a joke post and you'd say "watch I, robot" or something like that.
  21. a little late, but anyway. Happy Birthday!!!
  22. even now, I honestly don't listen to JJFP as much as I used to but, Numero Uno is a track always worth listening to. It can put me in the mood to listen to JJFP.
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