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  1. I never noticed how tall will was!! here is my quote!! will: "man that sun is annoying!!"
  2. the guy who played "jelly" in the movie analyze this died in january but the family didn't release it until march or so.
  3. Imade this one verse rhyme in a freestyle battle with my friends, I forgot what I was saying that led up to this but it was a total mistake. and its kinda cool: "YO, I got 1 thousand for rent, 1 hundred for bail; and If I go blind make they make Playboy in brail."
  4. that there is a new will smith single that was supposed to come out early 2004 is there any date now?? since its march
  5. why is it that gettin' jiggy with it is in 33rd place?? or is the list in no actual order
  6. I just wanna know when will it come out in the USA??
  7. hot song!!! but is there any reason why it didn't come out on a CD?!?!
  8. were there any extra spots that will was in I mean extra as a member of a crowd or something.
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