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  1. http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/...?showtopic=8534 I asked about it a few times. ;)
  2. The Whodini video was for Nightmare 5, in 1989. It was probably because of The Fat Boys video, which was in 88. Still not clear on if the video can ever be seen again, or if the pull was just temporary. *scratches head*
  3. the lawsuit was settled.. the video is nowhere to be seen.. If some1 could track it down that would be awesome.. I'd love to see it. Settled, in Jazzy/Fresh's favor, or in New Line's favor? If it was in Jazzy and Smith's favor, then I'm sure VH1Classic could dig the video up.
  4. Has anyone found a copy - or know what became of the court case in regards to the "Nightmare On My Street" video?
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