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  1. that's crazy, brakes. kick ass man!!!
  2. if it was JJFP realistically it would be either Summertime or Parents.... if they do will solo, its Miami. I personally wish they would do: JJFP: I'm looking for the one to be with me WS: Miami, or Party Starter
  3. Happy b-day Will!!!! Damn, this nearly slipped my mind, lol.
  4. none of those people deserve to be honored, and Wildstyle should have been honored last time around. The hip hop world has everything backwards and upside down.
  5. have a safe trip, AJ. Managers conference = memories of that episode of the office, where Steve Carell has to make the speech.
  6. www.myspace.com/petemiser the song is called "An open letter to Obama" really good song.
  7. The guy who does the Yule log at WSIA. His name is Vinnie. He's cool and he wants me to help him out. I have a 4 hour slot on the 30 hour broadcast. I want to have some old school slower-type songs in my program. Can you recommend some of the JJFP songs, that I've probably forgotten and some Solo stuff and whatever comes to mind will help. The only song I can think about is: Ain't no place like home
  8. Yeah, AJ hope all is getting better on your end seems like there's been quite a bit going on for you. I gotta ask for some support as well. My dad just called and my cousin Adam is leaving for Iraq on October 7th (the day after my birthday). Also my friend Angie is leaving for Baghdad soon as well. I'm saying this straight up, war is wrong. Any and all wars are. There have been no wars in the history of man that have ever been won. Think about it. The Brits won World War 2 with America and the European allies, but Britain was bombed out as well. So who wins? nobody. We act like a higher society, but we are still petty enough to have wars over what? And worst of all is that nobody has the guts to protest anymore. I attend a lot of protests and its a lot of older people, do the younger people care? no, and we are the ones that are affected. "Give peace a chance" - John Lennon. That's all I gotta say.
  9. Damn, I only say that because I'm hoping for music, not movies..... But its cool that he's maturing and beginning to leave the whole "save the world" thing.
  10. That's a really cool video. That's my personal favorite song on the album so I'm glad that they made a video for it. Jeff was smart to do this one since how rap is probably heading for a shift and it'll hopefully be in this direction.
  11. what are the results on the allhiphop.com forum? FP should have it easily.
  12. Just to be sure, when are we doing this?
  13. that's cool, My classes start tomorrow, so no luck for me at all. 9am=the start of the last math course I'll ever have to take (unless I get screwed somewhere down the road again)
  14. that may work, because if we do it at 10pm my time, that's roughly 3am for you and obviously you can't be up that late to do it.
  15. you wanna do it at 10pm EST now?
  16. I'm late, but happy birthday!!!! :party:
  17. are we doing this one today, or are we gonna wait for the 9th? or both?
  18. http://cmj.com/charts.php?chart_type=5 Stil up there after quite a bit of time since its release, good stuff.
  19. Tim will do a conference call and he records it that's about right, but we have got a lot better though.
  20. this Sunday should be okay for me, I have a bass lesson at 1:30-2:30 so I should be okay. I just put a reminder on my cell for Sunday, so I know I'll be there.
  21. Like the article says, rock has punk, metal, pop-rock, and all these sub-genres. I think the independent artists that do these sub-genres need to be signed and get big. We also need JJFP style rappers to come up and be big. We all know this is a time for people like Will to come back and really make it bigger than even they did in the 80s. Artists like Pete Miser and Hieroglyphics can also get popular from these times as well, but its only if the companies see this and take it for real. Rap just isn't cool any more, its all just cookie-cutter now, each artist is the same and its been like this for nearly a decade, its just that the sales are finally reflecting that.
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