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  1. well, I personally think both sides are equally crazy. I agree with you Julie.
  2. my fav. JJFP song of all time is "I'm looking for the one...." I've also turned a lot of my friends onto that song as well. But Summertime is a close 2nd. But I do agree with Ale, and also his rhyming isn't as tight as on many other songs he did in that time period.
  3. Still holds it down. I like how the bass line is almost hidden, you have to focus to listen to it. I remember listening to this as a kid when my best friend had the album.
  4. yeah, thats true, what Julie said. I'm somewhat in the same boat with you guys, but I'm hoping for something good to happen, lately its been all bad. But I'm just doing my best to keep my head up, so try your best to do that.
  5. I'm not an American Football fan, but since I'm from and live in NYC, I gotta go with the giants. I more want to see an upset more than anything. But I'm with Kev, for me I prefer to watch the Stanley cup.
  6. *has fingers crossed, hoping for a Madison Square Garden show*
  7. that's surprizing. I figure at some point, somebody will make a bootleg version.
  8. ^ ^ ^ ^ please tell me where you got that black shirt with the white JJFP logo, I've wanted a shirt like that for the longest. Here are a couple of pictures. One is of me playing Bass in the college's Jazz Band and another is Halloween on campus.
  9. the only good music being made today is independent. But I was actually listening to the beatles today on my ipod and some guy blasting the radio passed and It was horrible and I was somewhat upset that such trash was invading my enjoying of the beatles.
  10. I'm sorry this really had to be posted. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22794451/?GT1=10755 When you read this, your reaction will be the same as the title of the thread. What really sucks is that this isn't fiction.
  11. I am late, but happy birthday nonetheless.
  12. I don't know. Since he said "I'll connect the tour with the premieres" that does worry me a little. Because that means it won't be 100% music. which I'd prefer. But I will take what I can get
  13. I just hope for "I'm looking for the one to be with me", that would just be amazing.
  14. I was listening to 1010 WINS (a 24 hour news radio station in NYC) and it mentioned the top 5 earners for movies in 2007. Will was second, and Jonny Depp was 1st. Considering that Depp was in 2 movies in 07 and Will was in only one and was actually played in 2007 for about 3 weeks, that shows that Will really can make money.
  15. I've been good, just busy and all. Unfortunately my college seems to be more like high school and that's really annoying. Stupid drama all the time. In reference to Tim's post: I would have checked here for info, but I had finals at the same time, so I couldn't make it anyway. I'll try for Hancock.
  16. what concept or storyline would you want the album to have? I can only really think of him kind of traveling in time and doing songs from various periods in rap. Like doing one in the style of Rock the house, another in the style of Homebase, etc.
  17. It really sucks because Will has never had a larger gap than for years when it comes to record releases (Code Red to BWS, respectively) and since there is apparently no real hope in 2008, I can really hope that he releases something in '09 or else he would surpass four years, and that would really suck.
  18. .....so I apologize if you got your hopes up over anything. Anyway, I know I haven't been around in a real long time. I did stop by a few times, but haven't really posted anything. I'm on winter break, so I'm not 100% about staying around when the semester starts, but I will try. I'll probably be around this month, but I can only try when the semester starts again. But that's my piece, just letting everyone know is all.
  19. that's decent Spanish, that was funny when he was messing with the translator.
  20. I really want to be a part of the next podcast. So if at all possible try to keep Eastern time in your consideration. I am free on Sunday's around 5, if we choose on the regular time.
  21. I heard that, man!!! That's a bit extreme, dude. I wouldn't go that far.
  22. that sucks. That must be annoying when people bug you about something you did a decade ago. The press won't allow you to get over it.
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