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  1. I think it does depend on the script and the situation. In many of his movies he can be carrying the entire movie. Like I, Robot, let's say. Will needs a good all star cast type of movie with a strong director to catapult him into the upper stratosphere of actors. Unfortunately, Will is too big of a star to do something like Shakespeare in the park to expand his acting talents. It would be amazing if he did it, but the security risk would be too great.
  2. These are some really cool photos! Very cool.
  3. So cheers all, I'm finally in my 4th year of college, but of course I need to stay an extra semester or two. Not because I failed any classes, but because my college like to be a pain like that. Anyway, if you guys could vote for my band please just click the link: http://nextbigthingtour.com/notfromconcentrate The more votes the better, so feel free to vote as many times as they let you. And don't worry, you don't need to make an account or anything. Thanks guys!!
  4. Happy birthday man!!! Sorry about being late (taking 18 credits is hell)
  5. Next album he has to be crossing a street barefoot with Jeff wearing all white, Kel Spencer in denim, and jada wearing all black. :laugh:
  6. I unfortunately don't have any experience in this either. But I do agree that this is a cool idea.
  7. Great to hear that man!!! Keep it going!!!
  8. So sorry for being so late. But Happy birthday!!!
  9. I got an e-mail from eil.com about this item and was lucky enough to have the funds for it. Its a really nice piece. I'm just happy that I was able to get it and to share it with you guys. As you can see this was presented to a Michele Santosuosso. If anyone can let me know what this person exactly did that would be great. I am just curious as to the connection.
  10. Those are some pretty cool designs. I only know the one from 2005-present unfortunately.
  11. Thank you so much guys!! It was a great day my parents planned a surprise b-day party for me and my childhood friend whom I haven't seen in a very long time flew over to be there, which was truly amazing. Being 21 in the states means I can now legally drink and my very first legal drink was a show of the four horsemen. Cheers to me!! To answer Silver Tiger, yes Not From Concentrate is very much alive, we are in a full professional studio right now, so expect some amazing recordings soon. We are doing a battle of the bands on November 15th and that could be a good break for us. So keep your fingers crossed Also, sorry for the late reply, I'm in the middle of midterms so its hard to find free time.
  12. This is actually the clip that got me into Biz Markie when I was a kid. enjoy
  13. I figured I'd talk about some shows I went to over the summer since they are popular groups. I started with a band "Westbound Train" playing at the Knitting Factory. They were amazing, I've seen them a bunch of times. They are a local soul/ska band, definitely something to check out. It was a CD release party. A very fun show. Next was "Green Day" at Madison Square Garden. I saw both shows, they played two days in a row. In short, they were AMAZING!! It was amazing energy from beginning to end, they played 3 hours with no break, and were amazing the entire time and didn't slow down at all. Both days were amazing, They played their old stuff (even from their first EPs and album: 1,039 and Kerplunk) as well as stuff from the new album. They had people on stage and play the guitar, bass and drums. People sang. It was a party the entire time. Definitely something any group should study to understand how to keep a crowd. I missed seeing No Doubt's reunion tour, which sucked :( I ended the summer with seeing Blink-182's tour. This was the low point of the summer. The show was horrible. Weezer opened for them and stole the show, which was really easy anyway. Blink wasn't tight, they forgot lyrics repeatedly and played every song too slow. The backing vocals were horrible and out of tune. To make things works Tom and Mark were fighting the entire show. example: Tom: Man, I'm only giving you guys 70% were gonna kick it up to 100% Mark: I've been at 100% and another example Tom: Were really scared because we got wasted last night and are scared that you can see through us and see that we are hung over Mark: I'm not hung over That's basically it. Did anyone else see some cool shows over this summer?
  14. It definitely would be interesting to see, but to mess with a film so epic as ID4 would be a mistake
  15. Trust me, I know what you are going through. The best thing is to make sure that you are doing things that make you happy. To worry about everything is going to drive you insane. If anything buy a notebook and just write, it can be poetry, random thoughts or whatever. You'll see in a few months, when you look back, that you were worse when the notebook started. Also, find some time to yourself, even if its a couple of hours a week, just go into a local park or your backyard, just find a place to be alone and look at the clouds just go by. Trust me, it'll do you a world of good. Meds aren't the answer.
  16. Yeah, I'm finding free time more nowadays, so hopefully i'm going to be steady again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)
  17. nah, no album yet. Hopefully we'll have something coming by January. We've just been playing shows and saving money for studio time.
  18. From the selection I would say that The Beatles had the biggest impact because they were the first rock band to not have a piano or sax, also they were promoted for being a band who wrote their own songs and didn't need songwriters, which also was new (although chuck berry did his own stuff, it wasn't a big thing because it wasn't a band effort) But for rock and roll I think the biggest impact was a DJ called "Murray the K" because when rock music was very new and controversial people wanted it off the air waves and he kept playing rock records because he felt the music was important.
  19. Its definitely been too long since I paid a visit. My semester starts at 11am today (roughly 9 hours from now) :( but over the summer I played a bunch of shows with my band. We did a couple of photos with a pro photographer, but a storm interrupted the shoot. But here are a couple of photos we did. We weren't able to get our Trumpet player in the photo, but we wanted to get the core members. I'm the bass player....as you can see (for those who may remember photos I've posted long ago) I've grown my hair out. I honestly just got fed up with not being able to find a good barber, lol.
  20. I may be incorrect, but I think that Only I'm looking for the one to be with me and Boom Shake the room were singles. I don't think Somethin; like dis was a single. You can get the boom shake the room on CD with a couple of remixes and a b-side on amazon. On the topic of Vinyl, I have a few records. I have: Switch - Single Party Starter - Single Will 2K - Single The Things That U Do - Single GANBT - 45 Nightmare - 45 I'm looking for the one to be with me - single B2R - full album
  21. Oh man.....I remember the Eminem one and of course, who could forget Vanilla Ice. I'm honestly surprised he didn't make it twice on the list for the whole "Ding ding ding" fiasco.
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