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  1. i dont really want anything this year, just friends and family who love me is plenty enough
  2. i thought Pac's Life was better than last album. the only sore spots were bad beats and horrible guest appearances. and while most of the beats didnt resemble beats Pac would flow over, i think over half of them are sick, so im not quite as pessimistic as AJ about Pac's Life.
  3. happy thanksgiving to everyone out there. i hope everybody had a real meaningful day and got stuffed on food!
  4. wasn't there just another post about how Will doesnt listen to music anymore because he's been busy studying mythology?? at this point im not taking any article too seriously.
  5. i'm a fan of his music first, but of course i will continue to support him. i will support him by listening to all of his music and watching his movies that i like and all of the movies that he comes out with as long as they look good.
  6. well thats some really hard hitting news. on the one hand, i totally agree with TopDawgs post 100%. but its also really hard for me to accept that my favorite rapper growing up is gonna quit the game. either way, there will always be great music out there to listen to. if Will doesnt feel like he can make a good album right now, then he shouldnt have to try and make one.
  7. im not sure if Will can claim his spot back in hip hop and gain credibility no matter how huge his next album is, so i'd just prefer it if he did whatever he wants to do.
  8. my point exactly!! yeah whats the difference, the only way ur gonna experience a difference is if u have a big screen TV. its not worth my money, all i play is nba live and i dont play it more than 4 times a week so definitely not worth my money.
  9. i think its pretty stupid. people camping outside for days just to get something thats way overpriced. some people got shot waiting outside in those lines. its just stupid if you ask me. but i guess if u are rich and have nothing to do its appealing.
  10. i never lock the door, cuz in my house its a rule that if the door is closed u dont open it cuz theres someone in there. when going tinkle i will leave the door open all the time, and when no one is home, i will leave it open too. not all the way open, but still open nevertheless.
  11. yup i know what u mean, definitely had that happen before. i wonder what would happen if i listened to all the stuff in my music library that ive never listened to before. i would probably like it.... but i have no time haha.
  12. i know we've gone into what artists are real and whos fake before, and how to rate which emcees you should listen to, but i just found a new way to look at it. i listen to emcees who i can relate to. i don't care who the emcee is as long as i can relate to it. if some people can relate to Jay-Z's big pimpin, well then damn i guess they're livin the life. i can relate to some of Jay's songs but not all of them which is why i dont listen to a lot of his tracks. same thing for a lot of commercial rap tracks, i cant relate to a lot of that stuff so i dont listen to it. pretty simple way to look at it, and thats what i go by
  13. damn i remember when jay-z used to be hated by a majority of people. i think Jay is OK, but thats it. Dirt off ya Shoulder is a sick song but Jay doesnt make the kind of music that i consistantly like, so i just listen to the few of his songs that are good.
  14. wow i use MLA formatting too but we dont get breaks like you do, first off the name at the top of the page has to be in the header/footer so u cant waste 2 lines like that and you dont get to put all of those spaces between the title and intro paragraph. basically, if i formatted that essay the way my teachers make me do it, it would be 6 pages (not 7) and the works cited would be a little over a page. but anyways that was a good essay and i learned some stuff about Wild Style which i have not seen. the only thing that i would point out since i wrote a 29 page paper last year about parental advisory in music, is that the whole "gangsta" image started out with Ice-T, NWA, The Geto Boys, etc. sure Dre popularized it like it hadnt been done before, but Ice-T and NWA were selling mad records back in 87 talkin about gangsta stuff even before Dre came out with the Chronic. and back in 87 gangsta rap was given a bad name by Tipper Gore and the PMRC (parents music resource center), it wasnt like there was bad imagery and critical media when 2pac got killed in 96, it started way before then believe it or not. and if u watch 2Pac ressurrection he pretty much tells it like it is, about how there was always controversey over his lyrics since he came out, cuz the controversey really started before he came out in 91, its just that it wasnt a big deal to people until suge, pac, biggie, puffy, snoop, & dre all started beefin with each other i guess im sure u might know all of that already and just didnt wanna be specific about it in your paper since you were covering a broad topic, but i thought i would point that out to anyone who needed to be educated on that.
  15. damn i bet is was great seein him live. glad u got the chance to go.
  16. thanx 4 the love y'all. my birthday was just a regular day for the most part... next saturday im having a party, that should be wild!! it feels good to be 18 tho!!
  17. i dont look at it as rock/rap or as a rocker trying to rap i look at it as hip hop. just cuz it has some guitars in it doesnt mean its not hip hop. hip hop cant be defined by the way the beat sounds. i dont look at is as some rock guy trying to rap, i look at it as some hip hop cat whos lived the hip hop life and has some stories to tell.
  18. wow this is so ironic. i downloaded the fort minor album when it first came out but i never listened to it at all except Remember the Name. i totally neglected it until last week when i had some free time and i listened to it. i quickly became addicted to it and burnt it to cd so i could bump it in my car. i think the skills, beats, and subject matter is all really good. i dont understand how fans of hip hop could find it weak. listen to Back Home, Right Now, Red to Black, Kenji, and In Stereo.
  19. This is a lil harsh.. Tupac didnt actualy stood for great Beats to me, dont you think? we've already had this discussion, you dont like 90's west coast beats, but a lot of us do. anyways i was kinda hyped about it when i heard Afeni was gonna supervise this one, but we dont need G-Unit producing tracks and Ashanti, TI, etc putting their vocals on the album IMO. i probably wont buy this unless i peep it and its good.
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