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  1. well u live about 6 hrs away! is that close? yeah i think there is a new school being built. keep up the good work. man ur unlucky we dont do many proofs cuz our teacher knows its difficult for us
  2. man i remember when i got my 1000th post as the old old old sony board. i thought that waz alot at the time. then i went on and made like 3000 more. o the good times we had back then.
  3. i'm here... i been postin it feels good 2 be back and interactin wit people. i still feel a lil out of place but ill find my way. i wasnt sure if the groups were just based on how long a member uve been or if u get special privileges 2. sure id like 2 be in potnas but i respect tims decision
  4. cant they just maintain the site on a regular basis instead of totally remodeling it every 2 years and wasting all that effort 4 a site that is relevant for a couple months :werd:
  5. hey thats wierd i tried it again and it didnt work. then i tried it again and it worked :dunno: well anyways that is pretty good. nice job. :dj:
  6. i'd actually recommend dropping the class if ur getting a D as long as it's not a question of ur effort. i dunno where u go 2 school, but where i go Algebra 1 is the recommended spot for freshman so freshmen in geometry are ahead. i'm taking geometry also and im a sophomore. it's not 2 difficult for me but im not sure how i wouldve done last year when i waz a freshman. there's nothing wrong with going back 2 algebra 1 which is right where ur supposed 2 be.
  7. i agree 2pac's new album isnt my favorite. alot of the beats by Em were wack but i still have respect 4 Em cuz he has some dope beats, they just didnt show up this album. alot of the songs were boring 2 me. my fav songs r: The Uppercut (feat. Outlawz) Ghetto Gospel (feat. Elton John) Thugs Get Lonely Too (feat. Nate Dogg) Loyal to the Game (not the one w/ g-unit) the rest is mediocre. i waz kinda dissapointed with the album and then i remembered some of the newer albums that 2pac has released. Until the End of Time was pretty bad too and Better Dayz waz good, but nothing like the older stuff. i think all the albums (if any) that will be released after this won't be anything special.
  8. man this movie looks hilarious. these r the kinda movies i enjoy the most. a straight comedy. i cant wait till February :roll:
  9. yeah my ears shot up when i heard that reference on X's new album. i think his album is pretty good. he's way better than that mainstream stuff like Nelly, etc. i also enjoy "pimp my ride" aswell. its a funny show and i dream of getting my car put on that show one day
  10. yeah it would be nice if the official sony site waz updated every once in a while so we actually knew what the deal waz with the album release date huh
  11. well the reason that artists dont release their unreleased songs is for a reason. they dont think those songs r good enough to be released. they only want their best work out there 4 fans 2 listen 2. the only reason 2pac's stuff is released is cuz hes dead and theres nothing else 2 release. thats why alot of 2pacs newer stuff isnt as good as the albums when he waz alive.
  12. hey thanx 4 the welcoming back guys. nice 2 meet some of the newer members that i havent met yet. hey that alt+tab is a good 1 that i'll have 2 use more often! well actually it's funny cuz even tho i did look at some stuff on the internet b4 i got caught, when i got in trouble it waz 4 some dvd that i borrowed from a friend so it really had nothing to do with the internet.
  13. yeah i havent listened 2 alot of will's stuff in forever. i've really grown away from it but i hope i will get back in2 it with his new album. well i got grounded cuz i had some naughty stuff on my computer. hehe :dunno: ironically tho, it didnt really have 2 do with the internet but i had 2 live with it anyways hey tim how did u meet will and jeff? u met them in person? tell me abt it.
  14. Guess who's back? I been here for years, interacting with peers, putting suckaz in fear Sup every1? it's Wes! aka willsmithrocks! i know u guys have been worried about me, probably thought i died! no, for real, i waz in Iraq. :lolsign: no j/k again. actually i got the internet taken away for being a bad boy. but seriously, don't u think a year and a half is 2 much?? :bang: so every1's dying to know what happened in my life? well so much has happened so i'll try to remember it all 4 y'all Let's see i think i got grounded around april or may of 2003, right? well, i graduated a month or so later in june of 2003, from 8th grade. man 8th grade seems so long ago. whew! lets see i think i had an average summer of 2003, but it mustve not been that good cuz i dont remember it!! august 2003 - i started high school - what a blast! :rock: october 2003 - started basketball - on the JV team. what a test. i found out what it waz like 2 play on the high school level novemeber 2003 - scored 21 pts in a double overtime game that we LOST! ARGH! o well its ok it waz a year ago december 2003 - had a good christmas, i dont remember it that well tho. it waz around this time that my dad and i started going a regular bike rides every weekend. we still do to this day. march 2004 - basketball is done, started playing volleyball for fun, but it waznt fun since a sucked. i also worked in the weight room every day in put on like 10 pounds of muscle! :dj: july 2004 - i played in a summer leage for varsity basketball, it waz tough and above my level, but fun. also, i took drivers education which waz hella boring but it got me on my first step to driving! august 2004 - after a great summer for the most part, i started school - sorta excited. i'm a sophomore (10th grade) now! october 2004 - basketball starts - i made varsity and it waz really hard at first. i'm the youngest on the team! all the other sophomores are on the JV team. Also, i turned sweet 16 baby!! also report cards came and i got 5 A's and 1 B. man, school is 2 easy - give me a challenge :lolsign: november 2004 - my dad is a mechanic and got a car for free! it will be mine soon as it gets fixed up a lil bit. it needs a new transmission but the price of that beats the heck out of the price for a used car. also, i'm almost done with all my practice driving crap and i will be eligible for a liscense soon! cant wait to go everywhere and live my own life :rock: december 2004 - i came out of my shell and scored 17 pts in a game on varsity. our team won by 3 and i waz the hero :sonny: i waz in the newspaper and everything. also, i'm getting in2 the holiday spirit and im ready 4 x-mas well, that's what i can remember 4 u guys. i hope that i will remain online 4ever but i cant make any guarantees. i dunno yet if i will be a regular poster here cuz i get so busy during the week and ive learned to live w/o the internet so i often find ways to fill up my day b4 i think of going online. it's sad but ive kinda grown away from JJFP since theres not much new out and all i could listen 2 waz the stuff that they play on the radio. hopefully will's new album will get me hype about his music. wow it took me a long time 2 write this post. i think im gonna sign off now. talk 2 u guys later. :thumb:
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