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  1. oh yeah and if u guys are interested in an up and coming rapper, this guy reps the bay area, in fact he grew up on my street (the most ghetto part of my city nicknamed "sicc city") and im the same age as his lil brother. he had a song called mary jane, which isnt on his page anymore but it was dope, imma have to see if i can download it somewhere. if u guys like any bay/hyphy music u might wanna check him out. its pretty cool that he's reppin the same block as i am (except i dont really "rep" lol) http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=39422831
  2. haha warriors rock is all i can say! i hope they make the playoffs this year! (sorry for being off topic)
  3. well i dont drink partly because ive never been introduced to it. also theres a lot of people who say their parents became alcoholics and it ruined their life. alcohol is not as easy for me to get as for instance cigarettes or weed. ive never been drunk before, so i dont really know what im missing i guess lol. i probably wont get into drinking at all until next year when im in college. i figure mary jane can keep me company enough for now lol
  4. yeah like tim said previously, drinking alcohol is bad (never drank more than a beer before) and smoking cigarrettes is bad (never smoked one and never will), as well as fast food. so why do people who smoke weed get criticized? maybe its my POV, but i cant understand how jonny can say he would never smoke weed when he's been waaaay more f'ed up than me on alcohol before (see "chat with jonny" thread). in my opinion, its all bad for you, and i dunno if any of them are worse than the other, cuz i dont know the facts, but some people act like they do. maybe someone could inform me as to why specifically smoking weed is so much worse than eating junk food or smoking cigarettes. btw PeaceAngel if u need energy, just drink an energy drink, or a Red Line!! lol sorry sorry big willie and ace y'all gonna get on me about energy drinks and how bad they are since y'all so health conscious. trust me ive had this argument with my peers TOO many times and i dont wanna start one now hahahaha
  5. ive never heard of anybody reacting differently to pot in a way that severely impacted them, but its true that your body does react differently sometimes... it has to do with how strong the weed is too. i know that pot can make u act differently and become depressed and i think i feel that in small amounts sometimes, all u have to do is take a couple days off from it and you'll feel happy and not lazy anymore. and that doesnt happen everytime either. in short, i dont know how long i will continue to smoke, but like turntable said once a week cant really hurt you. i probably wont be doing this when im 25. i dont think smoking once a week for a couple years is gonna give me lung cancer or anything serious. trust me all of my friends have been doing it a lot longer than i have and their fine and they give me advice on how not to get caught up in it too. besides this is all for fun anyways, friday nights and thats it usually, good fun.
  6. well i dont really know the health risks so i guess here's where i'm ignorant. but i know potheads that act fine when their sober and i know people who smoke once in a while that dont have health problems. i dont think it's a problem unless you smoke everyday for years, but thats just me being ignorant.
  7. but would you admit that hes one of todays best artists releasing music hip hop wise? i know theres tons of underground artists releasing albums today, but would you put Lupe in a category as one of the best artists releasing music today?
  8. yummy cake sounds good. yeah theres all kinds of pot food u can find out there, cookies, brownies, etc.. never tried one and just to put some perspective on this, yesterday was the first time i smoked in 2 weeks. on average i do it once a week. so its not like i toke everyday.
  9. yeah those are some nice tracks ace. btnh always has those laid back relaxed tracks about smoking, or ecstasy lol. imma have to check out the last one you put up, i havent heard of cashmere the pro before. and thank you people for letting me make my decisions. cuz remember im 18 now and im not a lil kid anymore. i know with you guys, hardly any1 smokes, but where i live and the people i hang around (who arent even gangsters) a lot of people smoke, but i also have a friend who refuses to and says he never will and wont drink either. and i respect that, i have nothing against anybody.
  10. alcohol is bad for your liver and kidneys, so what do u say to that? btw what are spacecakes? some obscene pills or something?
  11. i wanna hear Kel's new stuff, and i go to his page often to check his tracks, but i can never load his music. his page loads painfully slow and the media player wont load right now, and almost never does. i guess i'll have to check back later and hope that itll load so i can peep those new tracks
  12. 4sho thanx tim, imma listen to it in a sec edit: wow, normally that song wouldnt be great, but because im high right now, its dope!!! :4-only1ha:
  13. i know zion i, del, and souls of mischief all smoke bomb and judging by the title of aceyalones song he probably does too, so why cant i? :stickpoke: btw im high right now :wickedwisdom:
  14. hehehe its all for fun on friday nights... no ones turning into a drug addict here :thumbsup:
  15. dude AJ my copy is hella sketch. there's 17 tracks on disc 1, yet 13 are listed on the cover. and these "hidden" tracks dont pop up at the end either, they just pop up in random spots in the CD, throwing the tracklisting off. i havent popped in disc 2 yet, but this seems kinda janke altho the music is good. i cant believe i paid $25 for it too. also when i opened it, CD 1 was rattling around freely in the case, not secured in the cd imprint that its supposed to be.
  16. here's some lyrics that really express how i feel about girls and relationships: "Listen homeboys dont mean to bust your bubble But girls of the world aint nothin but trouble! So next time a girl gives you the play Just remember my rhymes and get the hell away!" :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: sorry that obviously wasnt appropriate since all the of the girls you guys have been talkin about arent those kinds of girls.... but too many of them out there are that kind.... pisses me off
  17. i dont think punk is the right word to use there! i was never a punk.
  18. wow that got me pretty hyped. thanx 4 the review tim
  19. happy new years everyone! i wish everyone a great year of 07!
  20. i felt like good music made a bit of a run this year with more good music being released and heard. i just want hip-hop to continue on that path this year and in time maybe good music will be all thats heard. but we can only hope
  21. Yeah, we were just sayin the other day "That dude Wes forgot where he came from. He was born here and he's gonna die here." But really, if it's for the good of your life, then more power to you. God Blessa! haha whatever i've still made more posts than you!! :3-laugh3: i definitely will never forget this board but how long can one stay? am i gonna be here when im 35? who knows. i definitely appreciate the folks here and everything its just that you guys could all be fake for all i know, and real life is what matters the most. when it comes down to it, ive got a lot of stuff on my mind these days and JJ+FP isnt always the first and neither is spending all of my spare time here. with that said, calm down everyone im not leaving! just summarizing a few thoughts
  22. - Realized i hate school and my grades are really slipping because of that - Got a nice job that i still have with cool coworkers - Got closer to my friends and started hanging out with them more - Started preparing for college and got kinda scared of whats gonna happen in the future - Met mary jane - Celebrated my 18th birthday - Got too busy with life to be able to contribute on this board very often :thumbdown:
  23. yup i totally agree with y'all. its unfortunate cuz its played on the radio all the time at work. actually tho Walk It Out aint as bad cuz at least it has a beat and makes u wanna dance, the remix with Outkast is tight too. but yeah i dont listen to that stuff unless im forced too. its funny tho to think how easy it mustve been for these guys to come up with these simple choruses and now their makin big money. what's even wierder is i have a lot of friends who listen to young dro, young joc, etc but they also listen to stuff like Lupe, Kanye, Nas, etc. its kinda funny to see that combination, but these days teens will listen to just about anything, im tellin u if they promoted all types of hip-hop people would listen to it.
  24. lol i heard this on the radio yesterday at my work and turned it up, skillz is sick y'all. good lookin on the download link, thanx.
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