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  1. whoa.... i was wondering what this topic could possibly be about without violating forum guidelines...lol. i think that title will change tho.
  2. howard got jipped on that one dunk... that was sick. i dont think the judges knew he put the sticker on the backboard until after they had put their scores up. i think west will take the all star game tomorrow
  3. yeah i'm busy, senior year in high school so i got a lot of stuff to be stressed out about and a lot to think about. also since will hasnt done anything theres not really any reason to come to the board that often, most of the threads are just your "whats your favorite song" or "which album do you think is slept upon most" type of threads that i've seen plenty of times before, so i dont really feel like im missing out on anything.
  4. that Ludacris track with Mary J Blige, i think its called War With God. if anyone has it, i would appreciate it.
  5. happy late birthday tim!! man you're really gettin old now... haha :lolsign:
  6. Awww man. lol its all good Nas - Blunt Ashes
  7. you dont even know how much i can relate to that. my dog was put to sleep about 4 years ago on Christmas day because he bit my dad really bad. it was a bunch of things that led up to it, but basically he had bone growth problems and seizures, and then he started becoming disobedient and biting people.... so we put him to sleep. i wanted to keep him so bad.... he was the most beautiful dog i could ever want, and i still miss him and get watery eyes when i think of him today. stay up, life will go on, and maybe some day when you get older you can own your own dog.
  8. damn for some reason i thought the whole album was coming out today and i was pretty hyped about getting it... i guess it shows i havent been around here enough lately. any1 know when the whole album is due out? march or april?
  9. congrats big time man! thats a huge step in your life, hope everything goes great with it!
  10. AJ, why dont u just drop it? i mean, we've spent 3 years now trying to convince him... its not gonna work. if nobody else responds to this thread then he wont have a reason to reply. and if this stupid discussion continues, i will have to lock the thread.
  11. hahaha... nice try lambert.... posing as derrickbrock14 just so u can make multiple posts... not sneaky
  12. i think its a good thing... if it helps keep teens off the street and learn a positive message while having fun, than thats a great thing.
  13. that was a wrong choice of words. i meant to say that i recognized the person and stopped in the typical fashion that i would, without even coming close to hitting or stopping in front of them. im a good driver, never been in an accident, never got pulled over.... i'll light that joint whenever i want to haha. but for real tho i havent felt like smoking in a while, i think imma take a lil break from it if that makes y'all happy. haha.
  14. :word: we dont know anything official yet. that article looks a little sketch to me and im not sure how good of a source they are. yeah yeah im not gonna be coppin K-Smiths album either. Will is gonna have to retire sooner or later, so i think we need to be prepared for it. if this article is true, at least he went out with a good album.
  15. - Cigarettes... and people who reak of them - People who bug you for rides everywhere - Wack rap/rappers - People who talk too much and then dont do anything when its game time - Cocky people - People who think they're hard when their not, by wearing grills and baggy clothes
  16. - i'm 18 Hymn Strings - thanks Lerkot, you need some work too - i did take it seriously in the beginning but the conversation went nowhere, so i thought i'd at leat make things entertaining - whatever you guys have your opinions, but i've been in the car, so i know more about my safety and condition than you guys do. im not a pot head who smokes until their eyes bleed, i dont get high to the point where i cant function - i have been driving high and yielded to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, it was natural instinct to me... i didnt come close to hitting him - i have a lot of balls for admitting what im doing and staying with my beliefs. you guys can disagree or trash me or whatever. bottom line is: y'all don't f'ing know me and will never see me personally so i could give a flying turd..... and thats the truth. late!
  17. well, i mean, if we're gonna be going back and forth about this, i might as well bring some humor into it - im not from the UK -drugs dont have to be weed -"drugs in a drivers body may have been a contributory factor..." - i dont go clubbing - it depends how long after you get drugged up the way you drive *i will explain this at the bottom - i guess cannabis dont affect me that much then cannabis also causes a hightened sense, and it can cause you to concentrate well on one thing, depending on how you react. why do u think rappers blaze before they spit? it helps them concentrate on it and hightens their vocab "Give me another blast of that green/ Till i get open and im nasty with the 16/" it can also cause you to be more aware of drivers around you, since you are more paranoid (see, referencing the words from your quote) about driving well. *about my quote up there, it does depend when you drive. i dont know about everyone else, but the first hour after i smoke is the highest you feel, and out of that first hour, i'd say the first 15 minutes is where ur just stupid high, unless you're smoking some strong club weed, which in that case u will be stupid high for hours. if you drive in that first 15 minutes where ur stupid high, u are way more likely to F up. ive done it once, and i would like to avoid doing it again. why? because you cant feel the gas or brake pedal with you feet and you cant tell how fast or slow you're going or stopping. if possible, restrain from driving in that first hour aswell i would say. by the time one hour passes, pretty much all you have is a bit of a head rush, but your senses have regained most of their strength and your able to think much better. this may not be the case with people who blaze until they feel "blown" or super high. im actually afraid to do that, i just like to go until im good and i can still tell whats happening around me. thats my perception on things. yes weed can cause you to drive bad, but it depends when u drive. if u drive after its started to wear off, you can drive when your high.
  18. it sounds like you need to take a break from life. request a day off work, find a day when u dont have h/w, and sleep in that day. then do something meaningful with your family or friends like go see a movie, something really relaxing. trust me, i know its easier said than done to find a day when ur not completely busy, but just keep that in mind. if u are able to take a break for a day or two you will feel a little better about things.
  19. oh and i hope i never do hit anybody or anything on the road, especially kill someone. that would be horrible. thats why most of the time when i'm driving it's at night, usually late at night, where hopefully no one would be dashing out into the streets, altho its harder to see at night cuz of the lack of light.
  20. really cuz i wouldnt say that at all. like i said i know lots of people that smoke, and lots of people who drive aswell. maybe its because more people do weed more over here in the bay area where its become glamourized by thugs in oakland and by hyphy rappers.
  21. well Hymn Strings i guess weed affects u differently than in some peoples case, cuz i know people who say they'd rather be high and drive then drunk and drive, and it was supported by Joe aswell as me, even tho ive never been drunk. but they say that your vision becomes all blurry when you're drunk, thats not the case when ur high usually. my reality is i have to drive and thats the bottom line, and ive never had anyone of my friends that smoke tell me they got in any kind of traffic accident cuz they were high. but hey, thats just my reality.
  22. amen thank you for some people out there who are following. im not saying pot isnt bad for me, im just saying its not any worse than drinking alcohol or poppin ecstasy pills or whatever everyone does today to get their fix. and im sorry julie i cant make that promise for you. im the only one of my friends who usually do it with me that drives. i have to drive, and it really doesnt affect my driving skills. i know it might be hard for you, but let me worry about me. i could see how a car swerving in front of me could affect my reaction time, but that doesnt usually happen. to be dead honest, i drive less "reckless" and more "safe" when im relaxed, because you actually are a little paranoid about whats gonna happen if u make a wrong move.
  23. yup finally picked this up the other day. now the problem is finding time to watch it. :lolsign:
  24. lerkot brought up a somewhat valid point, about how the 2 things affect your behavior. drunk people tend to become more angry, energetic, and violent. u hear about drunk fights and drunk driving. and i've been stoned before and driven, and it doesnt mess up your driving at all. in fact, when im relaxed like that, i actually go a lil slower than usual and start braking earlier. i dont think pot is a drug that, when one is influenced to it, one is going to do a bunch of stupid things like with alcohol. and again, since the long term effects of pot arent proven then why should we be saying one is worse than the other? i understand what everyone here is saying, but maybe u dont know where i live. people smoke pot here, i have 20 some odd friends who smoke... i know like 5 people in my school that sell that stuff.... ive seen what it does, for instance my one friend is all messed up off it, but he's the only one that i've seen, and he literally smokes every day, if not more than that. i know what i'm getting into, and i can control my intake. 2 weeks ago i smoked 3 times in one week, and then i waited a whole two weeks until doing it again. its because i can control myself and its my choice
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