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  1. i listened to it today and i thought it was really good, but after only 1 listen, i thought the Premo mixtape was better. but im sure i'll like this more as i listen to it more. good job man keep up the positivity.
  2. Name: Wesley Reynolds Age: 17 (18 in 2 weeks!!) Location: Santa Clara, CA JJFP fan since: 2000 Job: Full time high school student and varsity basketball player as well as part time cashier/parts sales at Kragen Auto Parts
  3. hahah this is gonna be so hot!! cant wait to hear it
  4. thanx for the feedback guys. FuQ - u can copy it or do whatever you need to do, its fine with me i guess maybe i should share this poem with her, but its a little more complicated then that she just didnt like me or whatever. first off shes adopted and i couldnt imagine what thats gotta be like at times. and 2) she has medical problems with her heart that often leave her in the hospital for a day or two feeling sick. and there have been times in her life when she really felt like crap because the doctors told her that her medical condition would leave her dead by the age of 20. it was times like these a lil while ago where she needed someone to really love her, and she found that in her best friend. now she lives with her best friend which means they hang out 24/7 and not that they are lovers or anything, but they are just together. they even have 1 myspace account for the both of them lol. so she's not looking for a boyfriend. she's just really close with all of her friends. even after i found this out that she was really close with her best friend, i was still gonna try and pursue her, but then i met a guy that used to go to her school and knew her and he said he tried to get with her before but couldnt because she's with her best friend and her best friend wouldnt let anyone else into her life. he told me to trust him on that one that it would be better just to be her friend and not go after her so i did. tim - maybe one day i will give her that poem but for now its just like im trying to get over it. maybe one day in the future i will let her read it, if i can ever get some alone time with her and thanks for the support guys, in fact im already over it pretty much. writing that out and expressing my emotions helped me get over it sooner.
  5. i guess im calling this a poem because if you try to rap it out it doesnt always flow right, so its a poem and here's the background on this, its not polished, its straight emotion and feeling. i wrote it once and then put my pen down, cuz i just wanna get over this event and get on with life, but this helped me release some of my feelings. basically there was this girl who i really liked and i thought she could be the one, a feeling that i havent had about any other girl before. and it turns out she already has someone in her heart. and imma just leave it at that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Complicated As I sit here thinking bout me and you I wonder why the hell my dreams will never come true I remember that first day when I first heard you say Your name and I was real impressed with your game Life went on and so did we, I kept on wonderin where we’d be In the future, but the future is now and as I write this I wonder how Come the best things in life aint never easy And my dreams of finding the one in my life will never please me It sounds cheesy but I actually was thinking about you day and night Night and day, planning out every word that I would say It became apparent, that maybe you just wanted to be friends But I couldn’t believe it, my heart wouldn’t let this come to an end Ever since I saw your mesmerizing eyes and your beautiful smile You smelled so good, I couldn’t stop thinking about you for a while I knew you were the one, its sad cuz I still know you’re the one I cant have I could see this dreadful ending the whole time I was thinking of you But I was hoping, praying out to God that it wouldn’t come true I also saw the happy ending and I focused on that too hoping, praying to God that it would come true As time went on you started missing school and I started missing you That riot inside my soul, soon became so quiet I would call you and you were busy, babysitting, eating, whatever it was I started thinking that maybe all this feeling I had about you was just an overexcited buzz So I chilled out for a while but made sure I kept in contact with you But tonight is the night I found out for sure that I’ll never get with you At first I was like well I saw it coming so it shouldn’t be that sad But yet it still hits me so hard that I wanted you so bad That which does not kill me only makes me stronger But the fact still remains that I will never be with you, no longer It hurts to know there’s not a spot for me in your heart Even thought I have a spot for you, it tears me apart You gotta hope for the best but prepare for the worst For 18 years I was in search of my first And it seems as I’ve been cursed with a curse But God keeps speaking to me, telling me to go to church To that someone I just wanna say that I still love you And I’m glad you have that one person in your life who loves you Too bad it couldn’t be me, maybe one day you’ll see, but I doubt it seriously You’re a great person and I could never deny that Can we still be friends? I would hope so but my feelings may not fly with that And for those of you reading it’s not that simple, it’s complicated Cuz this **** got my mind all twisted and sedated There’s a part of my heart that’s been cut with a knife that was serrated All over this one girl who I wish I could’ve dated Even after all this drama and anger there’s still that one final dagger It’s just knowing the very fact that I can’t have her
  6. it depends whats going on. in the summer time when i have free time i will check it 3+ times and post a lot. when life is busy like right now, i dont even check the board every day.
  7. very good idea. i will be posting in this one in future probably haha
  8. Fort Minor ft. Styles of Beyond & Questlove - Right Now
  9. no offense but nobody even noticed you while u were here. 24 posts in 16 months isnt exactly active. good luck with your site tho
  10. was anyone able to record The Pen The Sword by Kel Spencer?? i could really use that for this mix cd im making right now for my youth pastor.
  11. oh my goodness that is going to be extremely hot!!
  12. guys this isnt just his birthday, its his 18th birthday!!! woo hoo happy birthday Alan!!! have fun man!! but be safe
  13. lol, this thread wasnt even about portable video players. i could've told you a year ago that everyone would buy it simply because its new and some people have to have new technology. its also a fun idea, just not worth the money if you dont need it. i still feel the same way about it as last year in regards to me, cuz it would be a waste of my money.
  14. kinda boring, but the end part about Easy E was kinda funny
  15. yeah my eyes are that color too :thumbsup:
  16. yeah my only problem with the I-Pod is that is designed to take your money with the accessories. if you really wanted to, you could find a 5 volt adapter (a lot of discman wall adapters are around 5 volts) and then connect the the I-Pod plug to the adapter wire and make one for cheaper. of course you'd need to find the plug that goes into the I-Pod, but it would probably be less than 30 bucks.
  17. DMX said in his bonus DVD that he is a spiritual believer in God, not a religious believer, so he doesnt really follow the sayings of the bible, which is maybe why he has no guidance in his actions. whatever the case is, it's clear that he hasnt committed his life to living like he has said in some songs but at least hes heading in a good direction.
  18. same here, but i dont visit the boards that much either. welcome back!
  19. man that sounds totally dope! glad u had a great time. man i need to see Jeff live sometime...
  20. im not great at going deep into tracks but it to me its about what happens when you are chasing "the cool", which is basically living life in the fast lane, doing whatever is "cool". in this guys case, he did some things that got him killed and the message is that you can get killed living the life of a gangsta and chasing "the cool".
  21. Lupe is a great rapper. but my comment was that he is selling because he's gotten promotion and he's gotten some radio play and is out into the mainstream. so my point was, if other great rappers got promoted the way he does, i dont see why people wouldnt like it and buy it.
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