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  1. i cant believe i saw this discussion again :3-laugh3: :3-laugh3: :3-laugh3: by the way, i've smoked weed once since 4/20... i feel proud of myself i realized that i am not immortal to weed and that if i do it too much it makes me feel lame and if i do it certain ways it makes me feel like ****. so im trying to do it less and especially not while im in high school but im still a great driver regardless of drugs lolol
  2. yeah no one has it ANYWHERE around here. so i ordered it from amazon for 13.97, no tax, no shipping fee, so i think thats a pretty good deal.
  3. can someone please tell me when the album comes out? i dont have iTunes nor would i buy it off that. i cant find an official release date anywhere. i was hoping it will be out tomorrow? someone help the album is dope i need to buy it
  4. passport pic, taken a couple of days ago..... could be a mugshot too hahah
  5. happy birthday dude! man ur gettin OLD! hahah :thumbsup:
  6. the thing that i dont like about strip clubs is that u gotta just "throw your money away" for dirty stuff. IF i ever go, im not throwin any money out there.... im a stingy motha****! lol
  7. have an excellent 21st Ashley but be safe! :thumbsup:
  8. WHOOOOOOOOOOO! GSW's #1 FAN RIGHT HERE! AINT NO STOPPIN US THIS YEAR! j/k i may be a big fan but i'm not one of those immature over confident fans that thinks they are gonna win the finals just because they're playing good. just to make history like that and win a round in the playoffs is a huge accomplishment. i think they can make it out of the second round if they play well, but if they don't i wont be mad unless they don't give it all they got. the thing that amazes me is how such a young team comes out every night and plays so fricken hard without letting anything stomp on their confidence. thats the mark of champions.... well i can hope cant i?
  9. hahahahaha havent been to a strip club yet.... it seems like it would be kinda dirty in there if u know what i mean. but yeah thats funny that JJFP got played in there. i wonder if they are a regular loop in that joint hahaha.
  10. best year of my life so far! let's recap: -senior in high school, time is FLYING by i cant believe im almost graduating -passin all my classes (one of them is barely tho) -going to college next year at san jose st, im pretty excited -working a lot (30 hours a week) -playing basketball in my free time - crashed my car, but about to get a newer better one - golden state warriors are about to get a playoff spot! yeee! -partying it up and chillin with my friends every chance i get, livin life to the fullest - starting to stress out about graduation/prom just want to get to summer already but dont want to leave all my friends behind in high school - mary jane is still a close friend of mine man life is hectic and has its ups and downs but mostly ups right now. :thumbsup:
  11. happy late birthday jonny! hope u had tons of fun
  12. not our gym actually, we were the away team.
  13. yup he's one of the best. and i started following after his death when everyone jumped on the bandwagon, but thats only because i was too young to listen to his stuff when he was alive. i think pretty much all of his work is dope. as far as rapping goes i think his emotion, sound, and message was what made him a great rapper. but as far as being the best, what made him the best to me was his message. it wasnt necessarily his ill rhymes or beats, it was the overall message. keep ya head up - no one else could ever say that and have it mean what it meant when 2pac said it. so i think he's one of the greatest, but not necesarilly for his raw rhyming/wordplay, altho i thought his rhymes were pretty damn good too.
  14. im the third one from the left.... yes thats an SC in my head, its still there too couldnt dunk it but got the foul :sipread:
  15. dang they look cool but their reviews on amazon by real hiphop heads arent as good as i thought they would be. i still might check it out anyways.
  16. damn they are clean! im tryna cop their album. is it out yet?!?
  17. yeah its about confidence. but why do girls always fantasize about guys who look "fresh dressed" and "fitted"?? sorry but i dont wear my clothes 2 sizes too big and i dont wear hats sideways rested on my dome. and btw i actually tie my shoes. i guess im not good enough for girls.
  18. yeah seriously where's the fun. i mean i hate to say it but the only "fun" songs these days are "walk it out" and "this is why im hot", etc. those songs arent exactly my definition of great hip-hop but they are fun and you cant front on that. even tho i like the game's new album, all he talks about is west side and killin and bein hard, which may be true, but i really dont wanna hear about all the crap in his life without hearing any of the fun, and if there is no fun then i feel sorry for him but i dont really wanna live my life like that. and the clique thing is crazy too. see, im a music fan, i like the music. its not about the names, its about the music. its not about how deep their rollin. i dont care if they're affiliated with kanye, its about whether their good or not. just cuz so and so is cool with snoop doesnt mean i think he's great. i dont care about all the cliques and the beefs, i care about the music. and when it becomes so impossible to tell who is making the music because the artists are disguised in this way i dont even bother to check it out
  19. i couldnt watch that whole thing.... disgusting.
  20. damn the LB track didnt make the cut.... well i guess its time to go hunting for the EP! lol. but yeah that track list sounds dope, every1 of those artists is dope except for Twone Gabz i havent heard of.
  21. i bet you if you check out your local record store, not a sam goody or anything like that, but a real record store in your hood they got it. i mean NY gotta have lots of big mom n pop record stores... u could probably find it there.
  22. heres the best quality i was able to get http://www.sendspace.com/file/t2n9fj
  23. dude i cant wait till may!! we need it NOW!!!
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