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  1. Your a crazy guy Tim, but we love you none the less
  2. Yeh man, show him wat the UK's all about.
  3. Well we've scratched this surface before, and i think honestly it would be ace. An episode of talking about the good times and showing clips and stuff.
  4. Oh i wish i was funnier :speechless:
  5. :eek4: Yeh all this worrying and waiting isn't healthy Get me a to a dcotor But not the Dre kind
  6. I went for experimental, cos you know that both Jeff & Will like to experiemtnwith new styles all the time, take And In This Corner for example.
  7. Yep those crisp drum beats of the 80's are a DJ's dream
  8. [quote=Da Brakes,Aug 24 2004, 09:27 AM]Yea I got it!! Thanks [b]ALOT[/b] for that Kev!!! The two main ones 'Make Noise!' and 'Understand'!! Let me know how it goes!!! :thumb: :switch: :music: :switch: :thumb:[/quote] I guess you say that cos they are your new tracks and your more bored with your old EP. Fair Play. Not DJ-ing again until a week on FRiday but I'll let you know how it goes down.
  9. Doesn't have anything to do with amount of posts i don't think. I am one of the lucky few. (Feeling Honoured :thanks: )
  10. [quote=Hero1,Aug 25 2004, 05:30 AM][/quote] you like the pixies kev? they are my fav rock group.. :rock:[/quote] Yeh The Pixies are pretty ace. Legends i guess nowadays. That song they did that was at the end of the Film Fight Club is ace, always rock out to that down the rock club i go to.
  11. Sounds like you'll fit in nicely here then.
  12. Well one billion is differnet in the US to the UK One Billion = 100 Million, in one of them, not sure which country tho.
  13. Don't be dissing the rock music. Then again in this forum im not gonna win an argument on that topic :cya:
  14. It's not terribly far from Cambridge, its near Northampton if you know where that is. BTW Da Barkes i sent you an email, not sure if it went to your msg drawer on this site or to your actual email address.
  15. Yep i'm here representing the Kettering massive. Been lidteing to your tracks for the first time on your site Da Brakes, Your a talented fellow aren't you. Never could get to grips with that soundclick thing so glad you got them up prperly on your site. Let us know if you eva make it onto Channel U. Or you need a cheap music vid putting togeva.
  16. Although i think its too soon for him to retire, i think bowing out with a final album is a good way of retiring from the rap game. Atleast then your not going out cos of crap sales.
  17. Personla Message to Tim, Hero1, he'll hook you up.
  18. If it isn't commercially succesful, i can see it being a cult classic seeing as Jeff is on it. Who knows.
  19. They are playing Brand New Funk on it right now. Anothe reason to get your ears listening to this station. Im sure after a few songs they'll be something y'all will like.
  20. Man you learn something new everyday. New Edition still going even after a break is pretty impressive, and i didn't even realise Bobby Brown was in them. Gotta keep with it Kev
  21. This is what they say about their station The Music: OldSchoolLive.com is for all you Hip Hop fanatics. The REAL Hip Hoppers.. The TRUE B-boys and B-girls... That's right, we've been diggin in the crates... Forever blastin' Hip Hop classics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you're new to the game, then it's time to drop some science. Take notes. THIS is where it all started... From Sugar Hill Gang, to Afrika Bambaataa, Run DMC, to A Tribe Called Quest. This site has it ALL. OldSchoolLive.com mostly plays tracks from 1976-1996... Occasionally we'll also sneak in new tracks from old school artists as well. Its ran through, live365.com whihc has tons of stations on and you have to wait a few mins to get the station started cos of ad's but thats fair enuf and its worth the wait.
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