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  1. Will's in France right now, which im guessing is for Cannes or something. He was on UKTV show GMTV this morning just talking bout the film.
  2. Yeh just a couple of tracks maybe, we need more variation
  3. Yeh, if somebody can get a nice write up of what the film is really about that'd be cool.
  4. Congrats Julie. You, Prince & Da Brakes show everyone that us UK folks are JJFP fans to be reckoned with. :roll:
  5. Rock is such a huge catergory to put music into. I'd put Maroon 5 in it, just not with your Slipknot's and Napalm Deaths.
  6. I think this'll be a good place to start my Public Enemy journey, i have a few hits on compo CD's (Bring The Noise, Fight The Power etc) so i think i mite [pic this album up.
  7. Yeh your right Kimmie, My Wife & Kids is probably the best US sitcom on right now. Definately as far as a show thats still running and making new episodes goes.
  8. :partyfest: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :switch: :dance:
  9. Well if you do buddy, I'd like a copy too if thats cool.
  10. Sounds cool, off back to Uni the day after that so would be a good time to say my goodbye's
  11. Congrats man, now maybe you could calm down on all the posting, you make us wannabies look bad :roll:
  12. Queens Of The Stoneage are cool, more of a Foos fan myself tho.
  13. Kool Moe Dee - How You Like Me Now HeHe Rolf Harris = Australia's greatest export to the UK
  14. Holiday photos are always fun, Sorry to hear about you mobile phone Kimmie Glad you guys enjoyed ur holiday, now you can enjoy the UK's rather warm September after what was a sucky summer really. :switch:
  15. I don't think anything will ever compete with the channel Trouble here in the UK, they've had Will Smith weekends like twice a year where they show shed loads of episodes and documentaires about Will over a whole weekend. But on normal days there is about 4 episodes on a day 7 days a week.
  16. Lets not let the name put us off. Maybe sad but i don't mind some romantic comedied if they are done right, and not too predictable. Which is most in this modern era of film im afraid.
  17. Well officially as the name DJ JazzyJeff & The Fresh Prince, then i guess no but it hasn't stopped them doing music together so that aint a bad thing.
  18. Yeh i don't matter, just means he can make sure everythings sounding great on it. THE FACT ANYTHING IS COMING AT ALL IS AMAZING. Enjoy It :switch:
  19. I have a cousing who is the biggest Mary J fan around so i think He'll be happy about this track coming out cos he's a fan of Will's old skool stuff too.
  20. I went for Enemy Of The State. Its not the best made film but my favourtie anyway. I actually worte an essay on it for a Uni assignment.
  21. I never actually seen a full length version of summertime that is an accapela.
  22. And after dropping after He's The DJ... People expected so much.
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